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Rolling out the 2023 Web Care Survey for Web Care Consultants

web care survey 2023

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A few years ago, post Covid, I got the idea that I would do a Web Care Survey.

Dennis said it was okay, so I jumped in.

Sure, there are other companies that do one, but I wanted to see the answers from the MainWP crowd.

We have run the survey for two years now. Last year we promoted it as widely as we could to get more responses.

Recurring Revenue

As you know, many WordPress consultants started doing maintenance, or web care, to generate regular income monthly. MainWP helps you do that.

It is a smart move.

Many of you have even started doing it for other agencies who don’t have the skills or the interest in handling the more technical work.

Therefore, some of you have websites under your care that register in the hundreds.

As such, since you have regular customers, you have a built in user base of clients for which you can offer other services.

We ask questions related to that in the survey.


You can remain anonymous if you want to. Anonymity is tricky using Google Forms. You can choose to add your name and email address (optional), and, frankly, most people do, but it is not required to fill out the form.

Getting your answers is invaluable, not just to us, but your colleagues who may find out they are charging too little. Or, your colleagues may find a new service to offer their customers.


The questions are the same as the previous years, but I added three more. I am curious about the number of websites that consultants manage, so you will see that question.

I also added an option for pricing for eCommerce sites because many consultants have a different rate for those types of sites.

I also want to see how many customers (approximately) Web Care Consultants have. Customers might be different from the number of sites you manage, so it will be interesting to see the difference.


We will close the survey around the end of the month of November. This will allow time to look at and publish the results.

My intention is to have those published by the end of the year 2023.

Please share the survey with your web care consultant colleagues.

Without further ado, here is the link to the Web Care Consultant Survey for 2023

Web Care Consultant Survey 2023

0 thoughts on “Rolling out the 2023 Web Care Survey for Web Care Consultants”

  1. Great question. I looked at last year’s results and apparently 131 in 2021 and 144 in 2022.

    I’m trying to get the word out this week via email newsletters. I believe I have three pretty well visited newsletters that will have it mentioned.

    Feel free to share it with colleagues too!



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