7 bulletproof reasons to offer WordPress care packages

7 bulletproof reasons

Clients are the livelihood of our businesses, yet, they do not understand the technologies we use. If they do, they are probably in the wrong business.

Recently, WordPress released WordPress 4.7.2 to fix a Content Injection Vulnerability. Sucuri called it a severe risk.

This week, there have been hundreds of thousands of websites that have been affected by this vulnerability according to Sucuri and WP Tavern.

According to the two sites, the phrases “Hacked by NG689Skw” or “Hacked by w4l3XzY3” are an indication of the hacks.

Many WordPress Entrepreneurs, of course, handle maintenance for their own customers. They stay on top of the technology updates and provide a valuable service for their clients.

Is it time for you to offer a plan for your clients?

Even a simple keeping the site upgraded would go a long way to building trust with your client and provide you with another revenue source.

Some clients will not want the service, but having them to opt out might be a good way for them to not make you responsible for their website.

There are a plethora of reasons to offer this service to your clients.

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Here, we are going to discuss 7 reasons to offer a WordPress care package to your customers. So, sit back, drink some coffee (or bulletproof coffee) and ponder a new way to be your client’s hero!

1. Your client’s business is important; it’s their livelihood

In many cases, your clients can’t afford to have their website for a day or even an hour. This business is their livelihood.

They may not realize how important this is, but you do. You know what happens if they don’t keep it up to date.

One day without the website to process leads and build their business can be a huge issue.

2. Hackings are hard to clean and costly

You have dealt with hackings to a website. When I worked with the agency, we had those from time to time.

My task, mostly, was to make sure Google wasn’t announcing it the world.

We used Sucuri to clean the site, our server admin to verify, and I went into the Google Search Console to prove to Google that the site was clean.

Hacked by NG689Skw Google Search
Screenshot: Hacked by NG689Skw Google Search

It was a bit of a process.

When Google told the world in the search engine that there was a hack, the client was usually a little freaked out.

When you get that fixed, they usually breathed a sigh of relief.

Having a developer or a service to clean a hacking is not cheap. You can help them save that money.

3. Performance is important, especially to Google

“Studies such as those from Moz (and Google’s own hints) are enough to show that site speed is definitely in the mix as a ranking factor, but there is nothing to suggest it has a weight of anything significantly more than 1%. These studies, and our own findings across local sites, also suggest that overall page load time is not the SEO killer many make it out to be.” CodeinWP

The performance of your website is pretty important. Better performance means better speed which Google has taken the time to educate webmasters.

Heck, they have provided us with speed tools.

We can debate how much speed matters, but it does matter to SEO.

“As a well maintained open source project, WordPress is updated frequently. Each update will not only offer new features, but also fix security issues and bugs. Your WordPress theme and plugins may have regular updates, too.

As a website owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your WordPress site, theme, and plugins updated to the latest versions. Not doing so may make your site slow and unreliable, and make you vulnerable to security threats.” WP Beginner

Keeping your website updated and upgraded to the latest version are paramount to keeping your site performance optimized and loading faster.

4. Update patches close loopholes for vulnerabilities

I think you know this, right? I am amazed how many website owners feel skittish about updating WordPress.

I know, if you have something else that isn’t compatible with the latest WordPress, then the latest WordPress can break the site.

“This means that if you are not using the latest version of WordPress, then you are using software with known security vulnerabilities. Hackers can search for websites running the older version, and you may become a victim of a sophisticated attack.

Not just WordPress itself, plugins can also be exploited by hackers. You need to make sure that all your WordPress plugins, themes, and the core itself is always up to date.” WP Beginner

For the website owner, it is best to have you in their corner, testing things, making sure updates don’t break the website.

There are fewer things worse for a website owner than having a website that is vulnerable.

5. It shows you are serious about your client’s business 

Do you want to see your client succeed, add value to your delivery?

Offering this kind of service shows your client you are serious about their business. You are seeking to solve a problem.

The clients who only look at cost will not see this, but many will see the value.

6. Technology changes all the time. Older technologies are often more vulnerable.

You and I know that a WordPress website lives on a complicated technology stack. Everything from the hardware to the software is based on technology and has frequent upgrades.

7. It makes you the hero

Seriously, you stop attacks before they start. How does that not make you a hero?

You become the hero; Image courtesy of Pexel
You become the hero; Image courtesy of Pexel

Very proud Yoda would be.

The hero saves the day. That is you when you help with their WordPress website maintenance.

Wrapping it up

Every business owner is responsible for the 3 U’s: Update, Upgrade & Upkeep. This is no different than purchasing a car or a house.

WordPress Entrepreneurs can give clients the peace of mind that they will handle updating their site technologies for the WordPress and plugins, upgrade necessary technologies, and be maintaining the upkeep of the website.

Join the MainWP family! Get started offering this valuable service to your customers.

MainWP has lots of resources you can use and there is an independently ran Facebook Group for MainWP users.

5 thoughts on “7 bulletproof reasons to offer WordPress care packages”

  1. I always offer clients additional WordPress maintenance packages but I never considered focusing on how hard hacking is to clean up, especially without a relevant backup. I always focused on loss of business but I will add this into my proposals.

    Thanks for the ideas!

    • Hacking can be a pain the backside. I’ve never actually cleaned up from the technical side but helped with getting Google to acknowledge it was clean. It can be a teamwork task. The average owner just doesn’t understand.

      Keeping the site working correctly is definitely a benefit of the service!

      Your client needs you to do this for them! 🙂

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