The April Spring Cleaning Podcast Roundup

WordPress Podcast Roundup

A couple of things are certain around April, Spring and the time to do our taxes. Change starts to happen at this point in the year with the emergence of warmer weather and new life. Some people are digging out of a long Winter’s freeze while others are busy dodging the pollen.

This time of year we start to see things come alive, and hopefully, our businesses start to come alive.

Are you Spring cleaning? Are you cleaning out things you no longer need? Maybe, Spring cleaning applies to databases too.

In the April edition of our Podcast Roundup, we are discussing the database cleaning, preparing for our taxes, software licenses, and building community.

What do clients need to know about web software licenses?

wpBuilds Episode 20

wpBuilds is a podcast ran by Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley. These guys do a good job discussing WordPress related topics.

In Episode 20 the two chaps discuss, very casually and round table like, about software licenses used for WordPress websites.

My oh my! Software licenses. What a knotty subject that it. It seems we both came to WordPress seeing software primarily as the tools we use to build websites. I mean who asks a plumber what spanner he (sometimes she) uses to fix a boiler? Okay, maybe Nathan might, but that’s not the point! wpBuilds

The guys had some good thoughts about the scenarios that happen. After all, we often use third party WordPress tools to accomplish business solutions.

Some use the contract as a place to address premium tools that are being used and the license fees while others choose not to disclose the information.

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Regardless, if the customer’s site his hosted, and they decide to leave, this raises a bit of a dilemma.

The guys also discuss a new term, Chinwag. You have to listen to the end to figure out where the phrase originates.

WordPress Database Spring Cleaning

WP Cooler – EP228

Springtime is often a reminder for spring cleaning. Does this apply to our website databases? Why not?

The guys from the WP Watercooler podcast discuss this pressing issue. Jason Tucker, Russell Aaron, George Stephanis, Drate Berry, Jonathan Perlman, and Adam Christianson give their thoughts and discuss various experiences dealing with a database with massive bloat.

They discuss some of the issues dealing with the bloat and ways to eliminate extra data.

There is also the chance a website owner can completely bring down a website by peering into the database and deleting things needed. This raises the question of what is needed from plugins which were deleted.

Two plugins are mentioned as a good front end solution: WP-Optimize and WP-Sweep.

It’s Not Too Late To Plan

kitchensinkWP –  Podcast E162

Is it too late to plan for your taxes and accounting for 2017? It might be, but it definitely isn’t too late for 2018. This is the idea behind the kitchensinkWP podcast by Adam Silver.

This podcast was power packed in a short, 15-minute segment. Silver did not waste any time. It was fast moving, clear, thoughtful, and delivered some splendid value.

This podcast episode is divided into three segments. Silver discussed the state of the WordPress community as a whole including a fundraiser effort for Kari Leigh who lost much of her possessions in a fire recently. The second segment talked about planning for accounting.

In the second segment, Silver talked about Acorn and Digit, two web apps that help you save some money. He also discussed his efforts to bring his accounting more in line.

He had three pieces of advice:

  • Price for your value you bring to the table
  • Prepare for the slow times
  • Pay attention to your bank account

He also talks about investing in the right things vs. the shiny object. He mentioned conferences and courses as good, long-term investments.

Silver wraps up the podcast with a reference to a new tool that allows you spin quick installs of WordPress. The name gave the closing segment a little bit of a light-hearted feel,

The Matt Report – Season 5A

Season 5A of the Matt Report has been released, and much of the discussion is about building a community much like the community of Beaver BuiBlder.

The communities that companies like Beaver Builder have built around their products are simply stunning. Exploring the road to building a community, the impact it has on business, and how it empowers users is what I sought to uncover in Season 5A. I want these conversations to serve as lessons to all of us, that customers want to be a part of something, and not just a line item on your income report. Matt Report

Matt Medeiros hosts 5 episodes in the part A of season 5 including guests such as Beaver Builder pro Davinder Singh Kainth, Jonathan Perez of Surefire WebServices, and the hosts of wpBuild, David Waumsley & Nathan Wrigley.

You can check out all 5 episodes at the website or on Soundcloud.

Wrapping it all up

There is a lot of valuable information in these WordPress podcasts and a lot of wisdom from hosts and guests alike.

What are your favorite podcasts?

What podcasts have you listened to this past month?

2 thoughts on “The April Spring Cleaning Podcast Roundup”

  1. Hey,
    Just to say a big thank you mentioning the WP Builds podcast, which David Waumsley and I create each week.
    It’s great to hear that people are listening to it, and that there’s something of value in there!
    Just out of interest, how did you come across the podcast?

    • I’m not sure Nathan. I am becoming locked into various WordPress podcasts because of the monthly roundup. I have a lot of sources 😉 and I have recently joined your FB group.


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