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Blowing the Bloody Doors Off!

Blowing the Bloody Doors Off!

Screen acting legend and all round top dude Michael Caine recently published a new book, which includes many amazing life lessons. The lessons can be applied to WordPress, clients and client projects.

Using the Difficulty

During a negative situation, “Using the Difficulty” is when you look hard, and find something positive within the problem. For example, if a client project did not quite work out the way you intended it to, take the positive elements from it and learn what did go well and how those lessons learned can be applied for future projects. If you make a mistake, learn from it, and keep moving forward.

Doing the Right Thing

Learn everything that you can about WordPress, and take advantage of educational opportunities. The more confident you are with all aspects of WordPress, the easier it will be to say yes to any upcoming projects that come along. Always keep learning new skills and new ways of working, as there is no fixed ceiling on how much you can learn. The more you learn and push yourself, the easier it will make your WordPress-related projects (and this also applies to life in general).

Taking Direction

Every client you work with will have aspects of each project which you can learn from. The opportunities in each role give you the tools to improve how you work with future clients, and how you continue to work on projects for existing clients. Every client has their benefits and challenges, but it is up to you in how you deal with them. Through your attitude, mindset, and attention to detail, what you take away will help you develop long-lasting relationships with clients who you want to keep working with.

The Big Picture

The best person to compete against is yourself. Think along the terms of, “How can I find a client project which will stretch me further?”, “How can I make this client project better than the previous project?”, “How can I improve on how I work on future projects?”

In any situation, Michael Caine sums it up as “Chase the dream, not the competition.” Focus on the dreams you have and what you want to achieve, not the competition. Always look at every project with a fresh pair of eyes and a positive outlook, and you’ll be successful.

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