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World of WordPress: New features from UpdraftPlus, new products and a new live event to discuss

World of WordPress

In this article, we are going to take a look at the World of WordPress. We will dive into some new products, check out a new feature from a well-known service, and peer into the future of a great new event.

Fasten your seatbelts and hang on for the ride!

Style your login page with ease

Last year, Jeffrey Carandang from phpBits launched a new WordPress plugin called Easy Login WP. The plugin allows you to create a pretty login page for your WordPress website.

There is a free version as well as a premium version. According to Carandang, the premium version has more templates.

The premium also includes:

  • Predesigned Templates
  • Custom Layout Selection
  • Change Text & Labels
  • Custom Colors and Styling
  • Background Slideshow
  • Custom Login Redirect

It’s pretty simple to set up a custom login page using the free plugin.

In the free version, there is a page in the dashboard where you can change the logo and the background panel. In the premium version, you can make your changes in the Customizer area using the various templates you have access to.

Frictionless checkout on your WooCommerce powered website

Cartflows is the brainchild of Adam Preiser and the team at Brainstorm Force. The shopping cart is to make checking out with less friction on your WooCommerce website.

Move over abandoned carts while using WooCommerce. Preiser and Sujay Pawar began discussing problems with the checkout process with WooCommerce over a steak dinner. The result was CartFlows.

Manage all your WordPress sites with the MainWP Dashboard

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Are you ready to go Pro?

All MainWP Pro Extensions are available through one of our convenient bundled packages.

CartFlows is designed as a WooCommerce extension which will give even more power to your WooCommerce powered website.

Back in November, Adam was on WP Builds to discuss the new platform. According to the article on the website, this is the best part of CartFlows,

“The best part though is that CartFlows offers all of this with a point and click interface. All of the steps in the flow are created for you and linked together, so that this page’s buttons link to the next point in the flow. If you use the simple drag-and-drop UI to re-order the steps, you don’t have to worry, all the links are updated for you without you having to do a thing.” WP Builds

Screenshot: CartFlows.com
Screenshot: CartFlows.com

Updraft introduces incremental backups

UpdraftPlus added a new feature to its Premium plan in December 2018. This is a welcome addition for UpdraftPlus users. Some have even started using other platforms because of the ability to have incremental backups.

What does this mean for your UpdraftPlus Premium plan?

To quote UpdraftPlus,

“An incremental backup is contrasted with a full backup. A full backup includes everything; an incremental backup is a later backup which leaves out anything which has not changed since the last full backup. The main benefit of incremental backups is that they are smaller (because they leave out any data that is already in the full backup and has not changed since) and quicker and less resource-intensive to create (for the same reason).”

I like the sound of that. UpdraftPlus is a backup platform for which MainWP has an extension. So, if you are already using UpdraftPlus and decide to get the Premium plan, you can take advantage of this new feature.

Go bonkers with Ultimate Gutenberg Add-ons

Gutenberg has arrived. We anticipated it for months but it is now the new reality. Many of you (maybe most of you) are still using Classic Editor. It will take some time for all the bugs and compatibility issues to be worked out. By this time next year, the Classic Editor will probably be a distant memory.

Enter the Gutenberg blocks library. The things we will be able to do will become exciting. The team at Astra Themes have jumped into the library market. They have added the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg.

You can currently get the library in the WordPress repository for free. It’s a great opportunity to test the boundaries of what you can do using Gutenberg.

Screenshot: www.ultimategutenberg.com
Screenshot: www.ultimategutenberg.com

Transform your agency in the UK with Agency Trailblazers and more

Lee Jackson of Agency Trailblazers has created an event that takes place April 25th and 26th in the UK, just one hour north of London in Wellingborough. Agency Trailblazers founder Lee Jackson has put this incredible event together with some of the brightest agency minds in Europe.

Jackson is focusing the event on 5 areas of transformation: Identity, Value, Platform, Output, and Future.

WP Elevation’s Troy Dean, Chris Ducker, and Jackson are set to be the keynote speakers.

The event includes speakers such as Dave Foy, Paul Lacey, Mike Killen, Dan Maby, Piccia Neri, and Pete Everrit along with a host of others.

To learn more about the event, visit the Agency Transformation website.

Wrapping it up

To be true, a lot has happened in WordPress-dom the past few months. Products and services are launching, Gutenberg is shaking everything up and we are now learning about Gutenberg block libraries.

This year will be interesting. We will see some changes.

What new things in WordPress have you encountered? Are you excited about the future or distressed? Let us know!

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