Call out for MainWP Beta Testers

We have been working a few months on a rather big release that includes a major refactoring of the MainWP Dashboard and Child code in order to bring it more in line with WordPress coding standards.

Along with the code refactoring there is almost 60 additional fixes, adds and updates for the Dashboard plugin and 15 changes to the Child.

We have tested this update thoroughly on many different server setups but it’s impossible to test every configuration. That is why I am asking if you could install the Dashboard and Child plugins on some of your test sites and let us know if you find any issues.

Beta Installation

Beta Downloads

New Testing Environment 

This update should be stable and not cause any major issues however we do recommend you set-up some dedicated testing sites or sub-domains until you have verified everything works on your server setup.

If you are setting up a new testing environment all you need to do is download and install as normal the Dashboard and  Child Plugin.

Existing Sites 

If you decide that you want to run the Beta on your existing live environment follow these instructions:

Manage all your WordPress sites with the MainWP Dashboard

WordPress Management for Professionals

Are you ready to go Pro?

All MainWP Pro Extensions are available through one of our convenient bundled packages.

Upgrade Dashboard Plugin

  • Download the MainWP Dashboard Zip from above
  • On your dashboard site, deactivate and delete the version that you are currently using
  • Install the new (beta) Dashboard plugin
  • Activate the plugin
Upgrade Child Plugin
  1. Download the MainWP Child Zip from above
  2. Then got to your Dashboard
  3. Select Plugins
  4. Then the Install Tab
  5. Press Upload
  6. Select the sites you want to upload it to
  7. Press the red Upload Now button
  8. Select the Child Plugin you downloaded earlier
  9. Be sure BOTH “Activate plugin after installation ” and “Overwrite existing” are selected
  10. Press Install Now

That will install this version on your child sites for you


Dashboard Changelog
Fixed: Issue with “empty” Theme Conflicts
Fixed: Issue with including incorrect file when configuring cron jobs
Fixed: Stripe Slashes for site names issue
Fixed: Various PHP Warnings
Added: Quick Setup wizard
Added: Information filter on the Child Server information Page
Added: Missing extensions in the Available Extensinons list
Added: Direct Cart link to the Order Now button in the Available Extensinons list
Added: Section retirement notice on the Offline Checks feature
Added: Section retirement notice on the Offline Checks option on the Settings page
Added: How To widget on the main Dashboard page
Added: Select All and Select None button in the Extension Bulk Installation section
Added: Missing translation support
Added: Twitter promo notification for upgrade bulk actions in Manage Sites page
Added: Twitter promo notification for individual upgrades in the Right Now widget
Added: MainWP Settings info on the Server Information page
Added: Bulk Update WordPress Core action on the Manage Sites page
Added: New Table JS library for Plugins management
Added: New Table JS library for Themes management
Added: Hints for various Site Connection issues
Added: Filters for available extensiosn in the Available MainWP Extensions box
Updated: Refactored code to meet WordPress Coding standards
Updated: API licensing management
Updated: Child Servr Information page layout
Updated: Multiple buttons style
Updated: Main Sync Data button title
Updated: Font Awesome version
Updated: Notification message on Posts, Pages, Users, Themes and Plugins page
Updated: Layout on the Bulk Add Sites and Bulk Add Users page
Updated: Layout on the Manage Users Page
Updated: Layout on the Intall Plugins page
Updated: Layout on the Install Themes page
Updated: Image icons replaced by Iconic Font on the Manage Sites page, Offline Checks page and in the Right Now widget
Updated: Manage Plugins and Manage Themes table layout
Updated: “Backups on External Sources” option label tweaked to “Backups on Remote Storage”
Updated: form-table CSS class layout
Updated: “Hide MainWP Child Plugin” option box renamed to “Network Optimization”
Updated: “Hide Network on Child Sites” option label renamed to “Hide MainWP Child Plugin from Search Engines”
Updated: “Optimize for Shared Hosting or Big Networks” moved to the Network Optimization” options box
Updated: Various small updates to match design consistency
Updated: Groups page layout
Updated: Reworded “Overwrite Existing” option label
Updated: Text messages on the Bulk Install and Activate section
Updated: mainwp-search-box class width
Updated: No-item message in the Scheduled Backups table
Updated: CSS to get more responsive layout
Updated: Translation files
Updated: Text messages and input labels in the Bulk Install and Activate Extensions box
Updated: List of purchased extensios is devided in Extension Groups
Removed: Spinner extension “Free” label
Removed: Rendundant text message on the Add New User and Bulk Add Sites page
Removed: View Updates per Site option from the Settings page
Removed: Forum signup form from the Settings page
Removed: Unused images
Removed: Form fields custom styles
Removed: URL row from the Select Sites box
Removed: Get MainWP Extensions promo box from the Extensions page
Removed: License link in the Plugin links on the WP > Plugins page

Dashboard Beta 2
Fixed Error Reporting some users found

Dashboard Beta 3
Fixed: SSL bug
Fixed: Google Stats
Added: ssl version selection to site
Added: Allow to see MainWP child plugin in plugins search
Added: Bulk site add options
Child Changelog

Fixed: Depricated Function
Fixed: Fatal Error caused by the MianWP Rocket Extension
Fixed: Refactored code to meet WordPress Coding standards
Fixed: Issue introduced with the new version of the iThemes Security plugin
Fixed: Link Manager Extension bug with specical charaters in url
Fixed: MainWP Client Reports Extension bug caused by high number of posts logged in database
Fixed: Generator meta tag issue
Fixed: Wordfence Extension issue with displaying incorrect last scan time
Fixed: Broken Link Extension bug
Fixed: MainWP Heatmaps Extension bug
Fixed: Abandoned Plugins/Themes function bug with registering multiple cron jobs
Added: Support for the MainWP Rocket Extension to load existing WP Rocket settings
Added: Support for Export/Import settings for the Wordfence Extension
Added: Support new Wordfence settings options for the Wordfence Extension
Added: Force Check Pages function for the MainWP PageSpeed Extenions
Updated: MainWP URL Extractor extension logic to extract urls by Post publising date insted of Last Change date

Child Beta 3
Fixed: Escaped html
Fixed: PHP error reporting security alert
Added: Allow to see MainWP child plugin in plugins search

Beta Issues

If you run into an issue with the Beta please open a ticket on the MainWP Support site and begin the title with “Beta:” so we are aware of the version you are working with.

Remember, we encourage you to let us know when something is not working but just saying “it’s broke” or “doesn’t work” does nothing to help us find your issue so please do your best to describe your actual issue.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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