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Some Useful “Constants” for UpdraftPlus

Constants for UpdraftPlus - WordPress Backup Plugin

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If you are using the UpdraftPlus plugin for site backups then you can control a number of parts of the plugin using constants.

Useful Constants for UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

The constants for the UpdraftPlus plugin can be added to the site wp-config.php file. Adding constants to your site wp-config.php is possible using the code snippets extension of MainWP. You can also manually edit the site’s wp-config.php file to add the required constant to it.

If you have larger database tables then you can set the backup for the database to always use binary MySQL dump using this constant;


If you have disabled WP-Cron since you are running WP-Cron from an external or server-side cron then you can remove the notice in the UpdraftPlus setting using this constant;


If you are using the premium version of UpdraftPlus then you can disable the admin lock feature using this constant;


To be able to remove the UpdraftPlus admin bar you can use this constant;


These constants for the UpdraftPlus plugin will enable you to set specific defaults and hide parts of the plugin in wp-admin easily.

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