February Podcast Roundup: Unorthodox marketing

Podcast Roundup

In this month’s roundup, we take a look at two podcasts, WPblab and WP Tonic. WPblab discusses unorthodox marketing techniques with Amish-born, single mom, marketer Meg Delagrange. WP Tonic discusses how Lee Jackson changed directions to launch Agency Trailblazers.

WPblab EP93 – Unorthodox Marketing with Meg Delagrange


As mentioned in the podcast, many of us are self-taught as developers and programmers. This is how Meg Delagrange learned her version of marketing.

Meg is the design and marketing director of Urban Southern, an e-commerce fashion website.

She approaches her online marketing as a value-centric endeavor, asking her self if what she is sharing will be valuable. She has learned along the way that sometimes that means sharing herself, as long as it aligns with her target market (here’s a hint, if often does).

Three points from the podcast

Point #1

Don’t be afraid to share benign / seemingly unrelated things about yourself (hobbies, etc) … they will give you more dimension

We are multi-dimensional and often afraid to share more of who we are. We live in an age of authenticity and sharing other parts of our lives help to make us more authentic. With Meg, she talks about being a single mom, a creative, growing up Amish and moving 22 times between New York and Tokyo.

Point #2

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Who are you – Who is your audience – Who does your brand benefit >> Brand statement

Meg’s formula

Meg gives out a quick formula which can be used to develop a bio. She does a great job discussing bio in her article on Linkedin. An example of this bio at work from her article is,

Amish-born artist Meg Delagrange (me, DUH) + develops small brands (audience) + with a different approach to develop a voice that stands out from the crowd (benefit) + with her fresh take on design and unorthodox marketing methods. (feature)

Point #3

It starts with the knowledge of who you are and then you start to build a culture around that. Pick something and start with it, you can change it up later and build on it – the truer you are to yourself, the more you are attracting the right kind of customers/people to you

Sometimes, you just have to realize who you are in order to build your brand. There is no use in trying to create a brand around something you are not or you will be miserable.

#263 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Lee Jackson Founder of The Agency Trailblazer Community

WP Tonic

WP Tonic visits with Lee Jackson of WP Innovator. Lee talks about the pivot he made at the start of the year where she changed the podcast to create a community called Agency Trailblazers.

Jackson explained he was able to help more companies by helping agencies do a better job with their agency life.

WP Innovator had morphed into a podcast that talked more about running an agency than working with WordPress. Therefore, he launched the new membership model.


So I can only help my 30 or so on the go clients. Beyond that, everyone else gets a bit of my free help through the podcast. Whereas, if I launched a membership model where I could load content in and do things like mastermind calls with people and offer all that sort of stuff, then that’s more of a one to many relationship where I can create a piece of content that’s going to help solve a problem that’s shared across many agencies and that can all go into a community which is paid for which will also help fund me to continue to create freaking amazing content on the podcast. Lee Jackson 


Launching a podcast is actually very easy to do. Getting an audience is very hard to do. I think that’s where you’re going with this. It is actually very hard to build an audience. Lee Jackson


But the other thing is, even if your podcast doesn’t grow quickly and it does take a year or 2, there is another benefit that people don’t realize. I have learned so much from the guests. It’s like free consultancy. Lee Jackson


We self-sabotage ourselves all the time, don’t we? We create something of immense value every single week but there’s this inbuilt thing inside of as humans where we’re like, “Oh, I can’t be bothered to do all that sharing. Why do I have to do all that stuff?” Lee Jackson 


One of the great things about podcasts is that you can learn so much from others. I like the stories of Meg and Lee and how they used the events and situations in their lives to help create their brands.

Have you learned anything from a podcast recently? Drop it in the comments.

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