How to Delete Inactive Users on Your Child Sites

Over time, users on a site can easily mount up on your child site. As part of a regular cleanup, you can delete inactive users on your child sites, using a couple of plugin options.

The first plugin that can be used is the Inactive User Deleter. After the plugin has been installed and activated, it will add a new admin menu item under users in wp-admin;

Users > Inactive users

You can use different flags (e.g., if a user has approved comments/ if that user has spam comments). You can then filter out if the user was created longer than 30 days ago, and the last time that the user logged in on the site. Once you have found any of the inactive users, you will need to confirm (twice) that you want to delete those users from the site.

Another plugin option that also handles users is the Bulk Delete plugin. After the plugin is installed and activated, it will add a new admin menu in wp-admin;

Bulk Delete > Bulk Delete Users

You can filter by user role. When the user is registered, you can also filter according to the last time a user logged in on the site, if you have the Simple Login Log plugin active, as well. You can also assign any of the posts which the deleted user(s) created, and then assign which user to assign those posts to.

If you are already using Shield Security Pro plugin on your child sites, version 7.4 it now has a number of features built-in. where you can manually suspend users and automatically block inactive users.

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Keeping your child site clean of inactive users will clean up the site’s database, as well as help with site security, depending on what type of site you have.

1 thought on “How to Delete Inactive Users on Your Child Sites”

  1. Hi,
    While deleting user/users in WordPress, it usually asks if the user being deleted has any content/posts – which other user should be that content/posts allotted to.
    How does MainWP handle this while bulk deleting users from multiple child sites on MainWP dashboard?


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