Using the Pre-Publish Checklist Plugin for Checking New Site Content

Using the Pre-Publish Checklist Plugin for Checking New Site Content

Making sure that you check new content that is being added on your site is something that you would automatically check that everything has been set on it. For example, does the new post have a catchy title, is SEO set for the post, does the post have a featured image on it.

There is a new plugin that will help be able to check content before it is published on a site.

After you have installed and activated the Pre-Publish Checklist plugin on your site it will add a new setting menu in wp-admin;

Settings > Pre-Publish Checklist

On the general settings page, you can set what should happen before the checklist items have been checked, what type of content is applies to pages, post or products in WooCommerce, any custom post type will also show up.

Settings > Checklist

On the checklist settings page, a number of default checklist items will show you can edit those items as well as add new ones.

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Settings > Getting Started

On the getting started page from the plugin settings it will show the three steps that you need to take when using the plugin.

Step 1: Select the action to be taken on a Publish attempt.

The general settings tab allows you to select an appropriate action that you wish to trigger when a user attempts to publish the page or post.

Step 2: Select the post types you wish to add the pre-publish checklist meta box too.

You can select any post type available on your website. This too can be done in the general settings tab.

Step 3: Create a Checklist.

Open the Checklist tab and add as many items as you want into the checklist. You can drag and drop the list items as per the priority you wish to give them.

When you now go to create any new content on your site the checklist will show in a sidebar metabox, if you have not gone through the checklist items then this will stop you from being able to publish new content. If you have set a warning to show then that will show in a popup display on the content you are adding on the site.

Having a plugin that helps by creating a pre-publish checklist and for adding flows to what happens if you do not go through the checklist items, is a way of making sure that new content being added has everything set correctly on it going forward.

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