How to Host Google Analytics Locally on Your Child Site

If you are looking at ways to improve the site performance of a site that is using Google Analytics for site analytics, then one option is to host Google Analytics locally on your child site.

There is a new plugin called Flying Analytics, which makes it very easy to be able to host Google Analytics locally on your child site. After you have installed and activated the plugin it will add a new admin menu too;

Settings > Flying Analytics

There will be two analytics JS options, which will show the recommended option is to go with the analytics.js file which is 44 KB in size the Minimal Analytics options are only 1.5 KB in size. You can find more about the difference between these two analytic JS options from this link

You will need to find your Google Analytics tracking ID UA code, which you can find from the property settings section in your Google Analytics account for your site. Then once you have entered the UA code you will need to click on the save settings button on the plugin settings page.

The option names that the Flying Analytics plugin creates are as follows;

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Using the Flying Analytics plugin will help improve your site load time by allowing you to easily locally host Google Analytics on your child site.

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