Using the Website File Changes Monitor Plugin for Tracking File Changes on Your Child Site

Tracking file changes made to your child site can be a messy prospect, depending on which plugin solution is being used. WP White Security, the company behind plugin WP Security Audit Log and Password Policy Manager for WordPress, has created a new plugin called Website File Changes Monitor.

First, you will need to install and activate the Website File Changes Monitor plugin on your child site.

After the plugin is active on the child site, you will notice a new admin menu created for File Monitor.

File Monitor > Settings

You can set notification of the file changes, if files are added, deleted or modified, as well as when the scan is run on the site. The default site scan and frequency occur daily at 2 am. Next, you can adjust the largest file size limit. The default is set at 5MB, as is the folder to be excluded from the scan. In this case, the cache folder in the wp-content will be excluded from the file scans. You can also exclude files by file names and file types. The last setting is to launch an instant scan.

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To see the results of the instant file scan run on the site, go to;

File Monitor > Files Monitor

Files Monitor will show which files were added, deleted, or modified. To test the file changes monitor plugin, a folder created by Ninja Scan was deleted, a new plugin was installed, and the site’s wp-config.php file was modified. All those changes were found by the scan of the plugin.

If you recognize the files shown as added, deleted or modified, you can mark those as read. Being made aware of files added, deleted and modified on a child site using a plugin that works well and does not cause performance issues will keep you informed about the site.

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