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How to Migrate from MailChimp to EmailOctopus

Mailchimp is a solid provider for sending out email campaigns. Mailchimp recently made a change to expand out as a full service, all-in-one marketing platform, which means the pricing will increase, as Mailchimp will include the number of users who unsubscribed on a list to the total count.

There is a solid alternative to Mailchimp, which also includes reasonable pricing at all list count levels, EmailOctopus. EmailOctopus uses AWS SES to send out emails, which means email campaigns are reliable to send.

First, you will need to signup for an EmailOctopus account. You could try the shrimp plan, which includes up to 2,500 subscribers for free. Follow the steps to verify your account by email address. Once you have verified your email address in EmailOctpus, 0the first step will be to create a list.

Now to export out the existing subscribers from Mailchimp, you will need to login to Mailchimp. First, you will need to click on Audience in Mailchimp, then view contacts. The next step will be to export audience. This will create a zip file of your subscribers. Mailchimp will also send an email, which includes a link to download the zip of the subscribers. You will then need to extract out the downloaded zip file. The zip file will include two different CSV files; one will be for subscribers, and the other will be for unsubscribers.

The CSV file that you will then want to import to the recently created list in EmailOctopus is subscribers.

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Once the CSV has been uploaded, you will need to map the existing fields, then import the CSV file into EmailOctopus.

You can then go about creating your campaigns in EmailOctopus. Similar parts to Mailchimp in EmailOctopus would be templates, reports, and automation emails.

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A key part of the EmailOctopus setup is that you will need to sign up for an AWS account since EmailOctopus uses AWS SES for sending out campaign emails.

AWS SES will include up to 62k emails a month for free. In most cases, you will not incur any additional costs in AWS.

Once you have setup an AWS account, you can follow the EmailOctopus setup guide, which will help you setup what you need to correctly in AWS SES. Each step of the setup guide in EmailOctopus for AWS SES also includes a video, which will make it easy to follow.

If you were using Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms to connect your site forms to Mailchimp, the good news is there are also plugins and Zaps to connect your existing site forms with EmailOctpus. The new form submissions on your site will be sent into the list on EmailOctopus. For more information about the Gravity Forms and the Ninja Forms plugins then these links will help.


Existing zaps in Zapier EmailOctopus you can find from here.


You can find a list of all of the EmailOctopus integrations from this link on their site. EmailOctopus also offers its own WordPress plugin, which you can install if you are not using a form plugin.

Once you have all your site forms changes other as well as campaigns setup in EmailOctopus the last step will be to cancel your Mailchimp campaign.

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