How to remove the iThemes Security Plugin Created Database Tables

There may be times when you need to change which security plugin on your child site to a different security plugin. In this example, this is going to cover how to remove all of the iThemes Security plugin created custom database tables on your site.

All of the iThemes Security plugin created custom database tables;


The iThemes Security plugin does make it easier than most plugins to remove the created custom database tables in they can be removed when you delete to uninstall the plugin.

If you delete the iThemes Security plugin it will remove most of the database tables. There will only be one database table left that can be deleted from phpMyAdmin or using the WP Optimize plugin.

WP Optimize > Database > Tables 

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Then search for the itsec. The database table that you will need to delete is;


Select that database table to be deleted, the WP Optimize plugin will ask to confirm that you do want to delete that table and then click to confirm.

iThemes Security will make it easier than most plugins for being able to easily delete all of the created data that it will add to your site’s database.

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