How to use the Growmatik Plugin and Service on your Child Sites

There is a brand new all-in-one marketing automation, personalization platform that can be used for WordPress and WooCommerce sites called Growmatik.

First, you will need to signup and create an account in Growmatik. After you have created an account it will guide you through what type of site you want to connect into Growmatik, the plugin to install on your child site, then you will need to authorize and connect your site to Growmatik.

To get started using Growmatik make sure that from wp-admin in;

Settings > Growmatik

That it shows as the status of connected, then you will need to click on the view dashboard button which will redirect you to the dashboard in Growmatik for your site. The dashboard is broken into easy to use section to be able to create personalized content for site users. Personalized emails, popups, site content, and more can all be created directly within Growmatik. A couple of examples of the type of automation for personalized content would send an email if a customer visits a specific page on the site, scrolls on the site. You can set automation based on a whole number of conditions and then you can either create personalized emails, site content, or popups.

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The number of personalized content, site emails, and popups along with how that content is displayed or how that content is then triggered to display is almost endless. Growmatik is a very easy to use platform that has a very easy to use WordPress plugin to be able to set the integration. Growmatik can also be connected with the Google search console and bring in analytics data into Growmatik.

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