How to use the Newsletter Glue Plugin on your Child Site

Easily being able to send new posts to site users can be a pain to deal with depending on which service you are using to broadcast new posts to an email list or segment.

But luckily there is a new plugin called Newsletter Glue which makes it very simple to publish and post and then have that post sent in a newsletter email to users in a list.

Newsletter Glue supports a number of dedicated email newsletter services like Mailchimp, MailerLite, and Sendinblue. When EmailOctopus updates its API endpoints to support creating campaigns on the fly the Newsletter Glue plugin will be updated to support it. MailerLite and Sendinblue both currently have free plans.

After you have installed and activated the Newsletter Glue plugin on your site it will add in a new admin menu item.

First, you will need to go to;

Newsletter Glue > Connect

On the connect setting screen you have options to select Mailchimp, MailerLite, or Sendinblue email providers. In this example, we are going to connect to Sendinblue in Newsletter Glue.

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You will need to have your API key handy for the service that you are going to connect to. Mailchimp, MailerLite, and Sendinblue all make it very easy to access your API keys.

In Sendinblue you can create a new API key specifically for the plugin, copy the API key, and add it into the Newsletter Glue plugin settings. The plugin will show if the connection worked correctly. You can now move on to the next step to go through the settings in Newsletter Glue.

Newsletter Glue > Settings

Enter the correct email settings that you want to use for the list source, what the sending will show as well as which email address will be used to send the email with. The email that is used in Newsletter Glue will need to be verified. Sendinblue has an easy method to verify the email address as does Mailchimp, if using MailerLite then you do not need to have to verify the email address.

It is possible to add custom CSS into the Newsletter Glue as well as being able to design the newsletter using the theme designer all within wp-admin on the site.

Now that you have the Newsletter Glue plugin correctly setup on the site now you can go through and be able to send out any newly created post to users within a list. If you are using the block editor then the Newsletter Glue also includes a block that allows you to control if you show or hide content in a post.

If you are running into email deliverability issues when using the Newsletter Glue plugin then it is suggested to follow this guide.

Using the Newsletter Glue plugin with the dedicated email provider of your choice will make it a painless and easy way to be able to broadcast site content to users who have subscribed to content on your site. Sendinblue also plugins or methods for integration with WordPress and WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, along with Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms which allows three methods to be able to capture leads into your Sendinblue list for your site.

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