How to use the WPfomify Plugin on your Child Sites for Conversions with Social Proof

Conversions improvements on your child sites is going to increase sales if your site is using an e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. A solid plugin to be able to add social proof to your child sites is WPfomify.

WPfomify has a large level of features and is very easy to use and setup. WPfomify has a huge range of integrations that it will work with like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Gravity Forms, GiveWP, Zapier, ConvertKit, LeardDash, and LifterLMS.

We are going to cover how to set up a conversion notification for WooCommerce. WPfomify will add a new menu item into wp-admin. You will need to click on add new in the WPfomify menu item and then create the first conversion.


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It is also possible to use a CSV file as the source besides WooCommerce or other plugin sources. Another option that you can use regarding WooCommerce is to display review notifications. Using the CSV file product source or display review notifications are similar to how the settings work for the WooCommerce product sales notifications and do not take any more steps that the WooCommerce conversion setup would take to create. It would be possible to have both product sales and review notifications both display on your child site.

WPfomify works with so many sources due to the integrations it has built-in that it means that most conversions will be very easy to set up and to get working on your child site. Using WPfomify is a very easy way to create conversions on your site with social proof.

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