Random thoughts, end of May, and here comes Summer

random thoughts

When summer comes, the heat turns up, and often, we find fun things to do. What are you doing that’s fun this summer?

So, as we exit the month of May, let’s pause a moment to collect or random thoughts. Or, at least my random thoughts.

New places to go

I visited the WP Feedback Summit a few weeks back. In doing so, I met some new (to me) people. A couple of people I met were  Kristina Romero of GoWP and Donata Kalnenaite of Termageddon

These new places have led to new relationships.

I have joined the go GoWP Niche Agency Owners Facebook Group. Last Friday, I attended their Virtual Happiness Hours.

I had a good time just listening to others talk about important matters.

My introduction to Donata led to her being on my Youtube show (soon to be released). 

A new tool I discovered is called Hugo

Hugo is an app that integrates with your meeting software (my Zoom and Google Calendar). 

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As soon as I schedule a meeting, Hugo creates a note sheet for me. All I have to do is log in to my app, pull up the notes, and I can take notes on a call.

Further, the app includes various templates for types of meetings. There are templates of onboarding, employee meetings, and more.

I am used to using Notepad to take notes. Even still, I can drop my notes in the app attached to the meeting. This helps me keep track of the notes I took, who I took them with, and when the meeting took place.

Having worked in customer service, where we documented what we told customers to the customer’s account, I found this one of the best ways to keep track of meetings aside from using a robust CRM system.

I am still learning, but I like the possibilities with this tool.

This past week was the Ecomm Services Summit hosted by Jan Koch. The summit is designed to help eCommerce Service providers with several sessions covering various parts of running an eCommerce business.

The last sessions are today, Friday, May 29th. There is still time to catch some of the sessions on replay as they will be available until Sunday, May 31st Midnight PST.

Silhouette of Trees during Golden Hour
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


My struggle finding a theme I like for media.

I run a local media website. I spend a couple of hours the other night looking at themes for magazines and newspapers. I remember how I didn’t like anything I looked at three years ago when I started the website.

They all look the same.

They have the same layouts. The themes are either skinny and look like a newspaper, or the themes are wide and broad for wider pictures. Often the wider themes include moving, interactive type displays that can slow down a website.

At one time, I used a theme developed by a colleague for just this type of project, but it appears he no longer sells the theme.

A couple of years ago, I switched to the Astra + Beaver Builder stack. I am comfortable with that. I can spin up landing pages pronto. However, sometimes I get too carried away with working on the homepage layout. The homepage is a custom Beaver Builder layout.

It makes me think that I should pay more attention to what I need on my website than finding a “media theme.” 

I am just not inspired by anything much I see. 

I am going to ponder some more as I move into a new season for my local media project. It is probably best for me mockup each section of what I want. 

What side projects do you work on? 

Screenshot: WordCamp Denver
Screenshot: WordCamp Denver


Summer WordCamps

Looking at scheduled WordCamps for the summer, they are scheduled to be online events.

That is no surprise, really.

WordCamps in Kent, Portugal, Denver, and Minneapolis are all showing to be online at the WordCamp Central website.

Half of the fun of going to WordCamps is visiting a new or different city.

We will go back to in-person WordCamps someday, but for now, virtual will have to suffice.

WordCamp Philadelphia and WordCamp US are both scheduled as online events for later in the year.

Do you plan to attend an online WordCamp this year?

Wrapping it up

What is on your schedule this summer? Do you have plans to attend a WordCamp or another conference? We are certainly living in an unusual time and can benefit from taking a deep breath.

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