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How Well Does Convesio Work for Hosting your MainWP Child Sites

MainWP & Convesio

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Convesio is one of the newer options for hosting your MainWP Child sites. After you have created your account from an invitation link via email, you should be able to sign into the account. Click on the New Site button, and then select which version of WordPress, PHP version and location. The default for a new site is WordPress 5.1, PHP 7.2 and the location should be the United States.

Follow the regular WordPress install screen to create the admin user in the WordPress site.

Important Settings

The overview will show a wide range of site information. You will be able to see if caching is enabled, if a Let’s Encrypt SSL cert is enabled for the site, and if automatic backups have been enabled. You can see CPU, memory, network, and storage from the WordPress Containers section of overview.

  • Caching can be enabled from Settings > Cache Settings.
  • PHP settings can be enabled from Settings > PHP Settings, where you can edit the php.ini file from the UI.
  • You can run a malware and security scan from Security > Malware Scan.
  • You can access the database using phpMyAdmin from Settings > Database Settings, then you will need to copy in the username and the password from the database settings page in phpMyAdmin.


MainWP Dashboard had no issues when connecting to a new child site on Convesio with the default settings being used in Convesio. Nothing out of the ordinary was added into the test sites wp-config.php file other than the constant for define( 'FS_METHOD', 'direct' );

Convesio has a range of support articles as well as knowledge base.

From basic testing, it seems like a solid and easy-to-use hosting solution for being able to host your MainWP Child site. Convesio with a very clean UI in the manage, without a lot of bloats.

2 thoughts on “How Well Does Convesio Work for Hosting your MainWP Child Sites”

  1. Thanks for the great write up! A lot of us over here at Convesio come from agencies. We wanted to make a product that solved a lot of the gripes we had about hosting at other places. That is why we made an easy to use interface, and added a bunch of features that we felt should be easily available from your admin. It is nice to see that our effort is appreciated.

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