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Four online courses that can help you grow your business and increase revenue this year


It happens about this time every year. You feel it. That’s feeling of dread and sweaty palms. You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

For some of you, it is still cold, but Spring is trying to break through. So, you may be feeling a tad chilled about what is to come.

You realize it’s March. Whoa, we just hit the third month of the year. Do you know what that means? The first quarter is almost over. You look up and realize you need to get going on your revenue goals.

Maybe you also had a goal to learn something to improve your business. Currently, I am enrolled in a course to become better at SEO. Maybe you need to get better at a part of your business too.

Today I am going to introduce you to four online courses that can help you grow your business and increase your revenue this year. All four online courses and their creators have an excellent reputation.

Let me introduce you to them.

DesignClass by Mor Cohen

Creator: Mor Cohen
What you learn: Website design principles
Next open date: Evergreen
Cost: $297

Screenshot: DesignClass
Screenshot: DesignClass

When it comes to design, I know it is not my strong point. I worked at an agency for a while, and a member of the team completed the design.

They would pass the design on to the developer, and we would complete the development including the front end design that would replicate the design.

I didn’t know much about colors and typography, and I certainly didn’t know anything about branding boards.

My guess is that most people that get into the world of WordPress development struggle with design.

Mor Cohen created a course that would help with things like color, typography, design boards and how to implement them. Cohen is an endorsed and preferred designer for GeneratePress and includes the use of the starter theme and Elementor to make the designs become a reality.

She also has a module on layouts. This course has the goods from the start of designing to the completion of a project.

The course is $297, and the enrollment is evergreen meaning you can enroll at any time.


“Amazing course with plenty of detail and links to grow your knowledge on the steps to define a clients branding setup for their website. How many colours you need and where to use them, typography guidance and the customer wow factor with a brand board. Has changed how I will start designing for each client – the course has really helped me. Course is nicely paced and one I will be referring to again and again .. Great links and material in the course too – Thanks Mor!!”
Niamh Hogan

Streamline Design Profit, Erin Flynn

Creator: Erin Flynn
What you learn: Website design business and communication principles
Next open date:  Open Enrollment; Evergreen
Cost: $1497


When it comes to the business of being a WordPress professional, Erin Flynn has created a blueprint for selling a minimum of $5K websites. With a background in communication, she has done a fantastic job of helping WordPress professionals communicate more efficiently with clients.

She recently launched her new course, Streamline Design Profit which puts it all together in a comprehensive course.

“Inside, you’ll learn the A-Z from landing clients to project launch. We cover everything you need to know in order to attract high-paying clients you love working with, to launching the website and handing the keys over to an ecstatic client. And of course, everything in between!”

One of the best parts of her course is that is made specifically for website designers. No more sharing the content with other types of freelancers. The other best part is Erin has been there. She has gone from where you are to where you want to be.

I’ve have been connected to Erin for several years, sat in on her videos, webinars, listened to her on podcasts, read her content, been in her Facebook group, and even enrolled in some of her courses previously. Erin knows what she’s talking about, does a great job of communicating and makes it fun to learn.


“Before taking Streamline Design Profit I had trouble knowing how to show the value of my work to my clients without getting all techy on them. Taking SDP allowed me to understand the communication and how to put myself in the client’s shoes when I talk to them about the work I do and the results they will get.

“I loved the order that everything is laid out, the email scripts, and the strategy on what to focus on when it comes to profit.

“This course helps you fast forward to a profitable and sustainable business without the struggle. Erin shares all of her secrets and helps you focus on the best clients for your business!”

– Cinthia Pacheco, Digimorphs

No fear funnels with Dave Foy

Creator: Dave Foy
What you learn: Website Funnel Building
Next open date: Spring 2019
Cost: $497


When we talk about funnels, I think sometimes we think about the entire Click Funnels ecosystem. Forget about all of that. Funnels for a website doesn’t have to do with a piece of software. Naturally, you can use software like Click Funnels or something else.

Dave Foy teaches you all about funnels while taking the fear out of the process. No need to be afraid. Foy helps you by teaching you how to take the tools you already use to build funnels and give your business a competitive advantage.

According to Foy,

“A sales funnel is a multi-step marketing experience that attracts ideal prospects, nurtures them, and ultimately converts the most engaged among them into paying clients and customers, who in turn, become brand ambassadors.”

What would it do for your business if you were able to build a lead generating mechanism that brought your clients leads every single day? Dave shows you how using Elementor and WordPress. He goes over the most basic elements including planning, building a sales machine, and email marketing.


“I have completed other email marketing and funnels courses in the past but Dave’s teaching style and attention to detail simply surpasses anything I have taken before. No Fear Funnels has really helped me help my clients and I’m still working my way through the program.
If you are looking for a “hands-on” step by step approach to take you through both the theory and practicality of creating a sales funnel, then this course is for you.”

Mastering Beaver Builder

Creator: Davinder Singh Kainth
What you learn: Master the Beaver Builder page builder
Next open date: Evergreen
Cost: $297


A few years ago I decided I wanted to make my landing pages on my own domain rather than using a third-party landing page builder. I was spending about $40 per month on one of those third party builders and wanted something more cost effective.

Somewhere, somehow I was introduced to Beaver Builder. It may have been through Davinder Singh Kainth, I can’t remember. I know this, when I have Beaver related questions, Davinder is the person I talk to. Every single time.

Davinder has helped me be more comfortable with Beaver Builder over the past few years, and now it is indispensable.

Whether you are building an entire website or a custom page, Beaver Builder has become a game changer. And, Davinder is the master.

Over a year ago Davinder created his Mastering Beaver Builder course, and within the last couple of months, he has updated his course.

In the course, Davinder shows you how to work with the most basic and advanced features of rows and columns, images, backgrounds, and much more. Additionally, he gives you a copy of his Digital8 template.

Davinder is also the publisher of ProBeaver, a comprehensive resource of all things Beaver Builder with a weekly email newsletter.


“Excellent online course for Beaver Builder. Davinder is an excellent instructor who really knows his stuff. The Mastering Beaver Builder Course exceeded my expectations. The course is thorough, easy to follow, and engaging.

“Even though I’ve completed it, I refer back to it often. It acts as an excellent reference tool when I’m working on advanced features. One of the best aspects is that Davinder teaches you how to design page elements using Beaver Builder’s built-in features, so you don’t need to purchase any additional plugins for fancy design concepts.

“With this course, you get more than just a piece of the puzzle. I definitely recommend this course. Thank you, Davinder. This course is exactly what I was looking for.”
Nancy Regan

Wrapping it up

Sometimes, just adding a skill to our skill set can make a huge difference in our businesses. We live in a time where we don’t have to enroll in a university and pay tens of thousands of dollars to learn something quickly.

With the help of online courses and our colleagues who have the expertise, we can improve our skills and grow our business within a few weeks.

What courses have you taken online? Did they help?

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