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12 Places to find jobs for WordPress Freelancers

WordPress Freelancers

Here are 12 places to find jobs for WordPress Freelancers.

Have you heard the story of the “Magnificent Seven?” No, not that Magnificent Seven.

I recently read a story from a 35-year veteran copywriter. He tells a story of a group of copywriters who became its own mastermind group.

It turns out, a group of copywriters signed up for a copywriting class at NYU (New York University). A group of the students, including the famous Bob Bly, got together for a luncheon. The group loved the class and wanted to stay in touch. They would meet at their professor’s favorite Chinese restaurant.

Over a period of time, the professor invited copywriters to meet with the group. As time went on, these copywriters began to snag great projects.

What happened, the secret sauce was that the copywriters were able to leverage connections to get good work. One of the most overlook keys to success is connections.

When it comes to landing WordPress freelance work, connections help to move your career forward. At least, connections with the right people will help.

Here are 12 places to find jobs for WordPress Freelancers.

12 Places to find jobs for WordPress Freelancers


Codeable is a platform to help website owners find coders to help with their website. There are lots of WordPress jobs available. Codeable claims to be the #1 online outsourcing service for WordPress.


The Envato Network is known for tons of tutorials and articles for creatives. They also have a robust marketplace for freelance jobs. Envato Studio takes a 30% charge for services.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a marketplace of jobs for developers and other creatives who exclusively work remotely.


Many designers are familiar with Behance. Behance is a showcase of sorts, an Adobe website, but it also includes a job list for creatives. Most are design jobs, but you can find various types of website work.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is one of the best job platforms for developers. It started in 2007 and is still going strong.

We are a purpose-driven business. Everything we do stems from our desire to empower people around the world to do what they love and live the dream of being independent. People Per Hour Hire Freelancers Online Find Freelance Work

Remote OK

If you want to be one of those people who work from wherever while being a nomad, then Remote OK is probably for you. The platform was built by Pieter Levels who also has Nomad List and a few other digital properties.


LinkedIn is often overlooked as a source of jobs, but companies advertise there all the time. Several companies will look for WordPress developers that can help their existing team. Additionally, there is a search alert function to get them added to your inbox.

Online Geniuses

Online Geniuses is an internet marketing community based on a Slack chatroom. The platform is a great place to interact and network with others in the internet marketing industry. The platform also has a robust job board. is a platform for those who are in the startup industry. Executives, developers, and other various roles are available to connect and to find jobs. It is best to sign up, make a profile and do regular searches.

Slack Groups

Slack has become the best platform for online networking as well as team communication. There are several Slack Groups that exist, and many are perfect for learning, growing, networking, and, yes, finding a job or gig. An example of using a Slack Group is Post Status. Post Status is a paid membership which allows you the ability to network with many of the top WordPress professionals. Brian Krogsgard has now launched a Job Board in addition to all the other benefits of Post Status. In most cases, you can connect to those posting the job right in the Slack Chat room. The Genesis Framework community and Beaver Builder each have their own Slack chat rooms making them a great place to network with other professionals.

Facebook Groups

Are you a member of a Facebook Group that focuses on a WordPress product? In fact, MainWP has a very active group. Beaver Builder does and some of the various WordPress podcasts do as well. There are a lot of Facebook Groups that are built around a WordPress product and offer a fantastic place to build connections that lead to work. Find a Facebook Group for your favorite products and start networking.

WordPress Meetups & WordCamps

The WordPress community has provided structured places to have meetups. WordPress regularly sponsors WordCamps as well as WordPress meetups across the globe. In many cases, WordPress companies will often look for developers and other professionals while sponsoring or attending a meeting.

Many companies will show up at a WordPress meetup looking to find partnership, freelancers, and employees. Make sure you find your way to a meeting to help further your networking opportunities.


When looking for work, it is in your best long-term interest to build your own platform and utilize your website. However, that route is not for everyone. Some just want to find work and they are fine letting others work with clients. Finding your way to the best network for WordPress jobs is a crucial part of the equation.

It is crucial to network to help build your career. Engaging in WordPress communities can help you do that.

Many successful freelancers use the jobs from the job board to build long-term relationships with clients giving them sustainability.

How do you find freelance work? How do you network with other WordPress professionals?

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