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MainWP Child .16 Update


Today we are releasing a MainWP Child update that solves two nagging issues, update conflicts with Better WP Security and upgrades showing slowly when WPLang is set to something other the en_US.

MainWP Child Update 0.16

  • Fixed Update Conflict with Better WP Security
  • Fixed Delay on Update Notification for non-en_US Users

Better WP Security

We were recently informed that some users like to use the hide update option in Better WP Security to hide updates from their clients, something we never considered. However, the problem with the Hide update option is that it also hides the updates from your MainWP Dashboard so your Dashboard will always show no updates available. To get around this we have had users turn off the hide feature but that didn’t work in this user and his client situation.

We decided to take a little bit more time to look into the Better WP Security update situation and see if there was a way to allow the hide feature and still have the MainWP Dashboard get the update notification.

We think we came up with a relatively elegant solution:

When the Child Plugin detects a Sync request from the Dashboard it checks for the Security plugin and if detected it turns off the hide feature. The Child then allows the Dashboard to record the updates and once the Dashboard has the updates the Child turns the Hide feature back on.

Delay on Update Notification for non-en_US Users

We received sporadic reports from users that updates were available on their Child site but not appearing on their MainWP Dashboards. We believe we have finally tracked this down to users who do not have en_US set for their language.

We found that when a WP update is available that WordPress only goes off of the en_US locale and not the locale defined by WPLang in the wp-config.php file. The MainWP Dashboard had always been set to not ignore locale and we have now directed it to mirror WordPress and ignore the locale. This should resolve the delay for users affected.

Current Versions Are:

MainWP Main:
Download your updates from your MainWP Members Area

If you are not sure of the update process for MainWP you can view step by step instructions here.

This version is a couple days old so you may already have it installed.

MainWP Child: 0.16
Should show as an automated update from your MainWP Dashboard or download from the WP Repository here.


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