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Today I’m proud to announce our partnership with PeoplesHost, the first host to offer automatic MainWP Dashboard setup!


Notice: Neither myself nor MainWP receives any compensation for MainWP Dashboard sign-ups with Peopleshost.

Who is PeoplesHost?

I thought it was best for Gregg to give you a little background on the company in his owns words with a brief interview.

I’m not able to find much about your business except for an older Reddit post that says you are “EIG refugees” can you elaborate more on that?

Gregg Hawkins

PeoplesHost started back in October of 2015. Both Adam and I have been a part of the hosting industry for many years and we crossed paths during our time at Arvixe. We strongly felt there was a demand in the marketplace for a premium shared host, offering both Linux and Windows packages, and providing a higher caliber of support.

Adam Bryner

We’ve invested heavily into our infrastructure and support to ensure that our customers can have confidence in our services; not having to worry or lose sleep because of reliability or performance issues. The majority of our staff come from competitors and a large conglomerate, known in the industry for their lack of customer support and performance related issues, and are suited to best serve your needs whether it be to address any questions or issues that you may encounter.

At PeoplesHost our main focus customer satisfaction. It’s not just in the numbers and driving down our expenses to increase our profit. We strive to provide the best uptime and the best value for our customers in a no hassle/upsell heavy environment.

Since PeoplesHost is a name most of our users may not of heard of why should they trust their MainWP Dashboard with you and then hopefully their child sites?

We’re experienced and knowledgeable with WordPress and all things hosting. We’re personal users of WordPress ourselves, over 50% of our customer base uses WordPress, and our staff is knowledgeable.

Even though we’re a newer company, our offerings are very comparable to our competitors–who are also on the more expensive side of the spectrum. We provide free scanning, free backups, security and protection against attacks.

Most importantly, we’re flexible, reliable, and don’t oversell our shared environments. Regardless of the plans (Shared, VPS, or Dedicated), MainWP users can be assured that what we provide is in their best interest.

You said you use MainWP yourself for all your personal stuff. Would care to expand on that?

Having personal, family, friends, and client sites connected to my Dashboard, MainWP has saved me a lot of time. I used to keep separate text documents or spreadsheets with site information and login credentials.

I’ve tested and used other options on the market such as InfiniteWP and ManageWP, but love the fact that MainWP is user-friendly, feature rich, and can be used on my own domain in a self-hosted environment.

For a WordPress management tool, all of the functionality is there and makes everything easily accessible.

What you get with the Dashboard Hosting

One of the biggest things is your Dashboard is up and running as soon as your hosting is setup. With the automatic setup all the MainWP all of the requirements are met and running on a fully managed server.

You also get a free domain name for your Dashboard (even if you sign up for monthly) and free migration of your Dashboard to Peopleshost.

On top of those special MainWP Dashboard features you receive:

  • 5GB SSD Storage
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate (Requires ticket to turn on)
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Advanced DNS Management
  • 24/7 U.S. Based Support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Gregg and I worked hard to keep the costs down while at the same time being able to provide reliability.

$12 if you choose monthly or $8 if you choose to pay for two years.

Order MainWP Dashboard Hosting

How does it perform?

Of course, we can’t partner with a MainWP Dashboard hosting provider without making sure it could handle more than the average user is going to hit it with so we ran some tests. Since I am not the best person to be running the tests I turned over the testing to Luke Cavanagh, a WordPress Performance Engineer.

Testing Procedures

Luke’s testing is going to be a little bit different then other tests you might of seen online about the importance of front-end speed, what I wanted him to test is the backend and how PeoplesHost handles working with 100 Child sites.

The 100 child sites are all on a separate server.

We will test syncing time, uploading 3 plugins and updating the three plugins (300 uploads and updates) . The three plugins are Akismet, If Menu and Contact Form 7.

Server Settings
PHP 7.0.18
MariaDB 10.0.30
256MB memory in PHP
256MB memory limit defined in wp-config.php

Default MainWP Settings Performance Results

  • Syncing 100 sites: 2 Min 54 seconds
  • 3 Plugins Installed and Activated (300 installations): 2 min 20 seconds
  • 3 Plugins Updated (300 updates): 4 min 19 seconds

These results show the server well capable of handling the 100 child sites at a pretty good speed. Let’s see if we can do better!

High Speed MainWP Settings Performance Results

If you read my post Speeding Up MainWP for Fun and Efficiency! you know that if you have solid Dashboard and Child site hosting you can tweak your MainWP Advanced Settings to make MainWP even faster. I know the Child sites for this test are on a solid server so I had Luke tweak the Advanced Settings to see how fast he could make it :-).

Tweaked Settings

Settings –> Advanced Options –> IP Settings
Maximum simultaneous requests per ip: 0 (for unlimited threads)
Minimum delay between requests to the same ip (milliseconds) 200

  • Syncing 100 sites: 48 seconds (2 minutes 6 seconds faster)
  • 3 Plugins Installed and Activated (300 installations): 1 min 38 seconds (42 seconds faster)
  • 3 Plugins Updated (300 updates): 1 min 10 seconds (3 minutes 9 seconds faster)

Now that is really moving!

The reason we can’t default to these “high speed” settings is because you also need decent hosts for your Child sites. I would not recommend these tweaks on low end hosting but if can make these changes it really makes a difference in your work day!


During our almost daily talks over the last few months Gregg has been open to trying new things and tweaking the servers to provide the best environment for hosting the MainWP Dashboard. After seeing his and his teams dedication to improving the MainWP experience, I can strongly recommend PeoplesHost for your MainWP Dashboard hosting.

3 thoughts on “MainWP Dashboard Hosting with PeoplesHost”

  1. Hello, interesting proposal but you didn’t mention anything about security. How secure are the servers? Which processes are in place to protect the MainWP setup from external hacking? Do they have the two factors authentication in place?

    • Hello Frederic,

      We have CSF, ModSecurity rules in place to protect against brute force attacks, XML-RPC attacks, and scan the servers daily with Maldet and ClamAV.

      I’m not quite sure I fully understand your question about two-factor authentication (TFA). I’m assuming you’re referring to WordPress login page? WordPress (self-hosted) doesn’t have two-factor built in by default. However, you can enable two-factor authentication with available plugins in the marketplace.

      Dennis wrote a blog post about two factor authentication, which can be found here:

      The authors of the popular UpdraftPlus plugin also have a solution:

      Hope that answers your questions!

      • Thanks Gregg. It does answer my question and right now, I am using the 2 factor-auth, just want to confirm that we can still using it on your server. BTW, where are you server based? US? Canada? Europe?

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