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MainWP Facebook Group

Today I am happy to announce the all new MainWP Users Facebook group. A place for MainWP users to gather and discuss MainWP, WordPress and running multiple WordPress sites.

About the Group

The MainWP Users group is independent of MainWP and is being administered by Ivica Delic, a longtime MainWP user and active Facebook groups admin. His admin duties include groups such as the WordPress Speed Up Group as well as many others listed in Quality WordPress Groups and I believe he is the correct person to get this group off the ground.

The MainWP Users group is a closed group so you will need to click the Join Group button to become a member. We chose to keep it a closed group since they are much easier to administer and keep spam free.

Join Group

If you are concerned that Ivica will be checking if you are an actual MainWP member by looking at your name or email, don’t worry. Ivica has no user information and the group is open to anyone who wants to join.

Some of the internal rules about the group

Rule 1: No MainWP employee or contractor is allowed to Admin or Moderate the group. This will allow for free and open discussion even if it is something I don’t want to hear.
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Rule 2: This group is not for any form of official support, if you need support open a ticket.

With that said, I will definitely be checking in and other staff members can check in and comment but this will be done on their own time so if a staff member offers you support take a moment and thank them.

Why I wanted an independent group for the MainWP Family

The idea for the MainWP User group came about after watching how the Headway Themes user group (closed group) was able to talk and assist each other after the official Headway Themes team experienced some communication issues.

We already have our code available on GitHub in case of a catastrophe and this will provide a central place for users to interact with each other if the need ever comes to fork the MainWP code. This isn’t to say we plan on having any communications issues but it’s always nice to have a fail-safe in place for the community as a whole.

Why you Should Join

Now that I have gotten the negative reasons for the group out of the way let’s look at some of the positive reasons to join the group. 🙂

If you take a look the MainWP family as a whole some of us are designers, others are developers or agencies, some of us pay our bills by being product affiliates.

However, no matter why we use MainWP we all have one thing in common, multiple WordPress sites. That means we can use the group to discuss topics, issues or thoughts that revolve around having multiple sites. Such as:

It Begins
Credit: xkcd
  • Managing billing
  • Hiring outsourcers
  • Dealing with clients
  • Working with affiliate managers
  • Time saving techniques
  • Getting paid for your work

Those are six generic topics just to get the discussion juices flowing. I assure you if it is an issue that you have been dealing with someone else is probably having that same issue and wants to talk about it.

Join now and start a discussion or leave me a comment below.   I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Fantastic Dennis, this will be great since you might get the success the Divi Theme has had with the group Divi Theme Users now having over 17,000 members in short space of time. Goodluck!

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