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The May Toolbox: A little CSS magic, an Instagram Uploader and a brand new WordPress plugin


When I grew up in rural Arkansas, we went fishing a lot, especially when we stayed with my grandpa on his farm for a week. One of the things you absolutely had to have when fishing is a tackle box. In that box, you have necessary things like lures, extra hooks, and more.

As digital marketers, we have to have a toolbox. Each month, we take the time to talk about what goes in our tackle box or our toolbox.

In today’s May Toolbox, we will look at how to use CSS magic, a new (to me) screencasting app, a new Elementor plugin, and a Google Chrome app to add posts to your Instagram.

Let’s go fishing.

Fishing GIF

CSS Magic

Davinder Singh Kainth delivered a presentation at the Page Builder Summit about CSS magic.

It was pretty fascinating as he introduced us to three tools we can use to do some fun things without adding files to the site.

When I first learned about CSS, I tried to learn, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Enter WordPress, where I begin to figure things out a little more. I know enough to do some tweaking to existing CSS files. 

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One of the cool things he showed was how to make an image have a different shape, you know, like a blob.

He uses a tool called Border Radius by 9 Elements. Using that little hand tool, you can change the radius of an image giving it a different shape, including a circle.

He has a ton more of those tips on his new membership site called Very CSS, which he launched this week. 

But, I am fascinated by all these different CSS tools to help me do something I’ve never done before and without uploading unnecessary files.

Post Uploader for Instagram

I have an Instagram, and it is as bad as an abandoned race car in some boneyard in the Eastern part of the United States.

Screenshot Post Uploader for Instagram
Screenshot Post Uploader for Instagram

I rarely post to IG. I have taken time to use my phone less when it comes to the internet. I had to change my Facebook password a while back and haven’t been on my Facebook app in weeks.

But, I still have that Instagram app on my phone. 

I came across this Chrome extension from Product Hunt. It is pretty handy.

It will allow you to post from your computer, which can be handy if you don’t like using your phone much.

This tool is an easy way to get started posting from your desktop.

I did a post with the app, and the only issue I had was posting multiple pictures. 

The app claims to be able to post videos too, but I haven’t tried that yet. 

With this app, I might do more posting on Instagram.

Do you post to Instagram only on your phone on your desktop?

On Product Hunt

Chrome app store

Widget Detector for Elementor

Widget Detector for Elementor

So many of us use a page builder for our websites. One of the things that can happen is the many uses of widgets (Elementor) or modules (Beaver Builder), of which some can become lost or hidden.

That can be very frustrating. 

According to the Description in the WordPress repository:

“The plugin analyzes your pages and posts to find all Elementor Widgets that are used, not used or missing on certain pages and posts.

“This will help you to remove unused Elementor Widgets and optimize the speed of your website related to Elementor.

“Or to Detect Missing Widget from accidentally deleted plugins on posts or pages.”

The plugin is a project of Ivica Delic and his colleague Sandi Winter. 

If you are a user of Elementor, this might become a very handy tool. According to Delic, they are considering doing one for Beaver Builder.

Stay tuned.

GIF I made with the CloudApp
GIF I made with the CloudApp

Screencasting with the Cloudapp

Get CloudApp

When it comes to tools, I am always thinking about an alternative for different reasons. Perhaps one isn’t working on the day you need it. What then? 

This happened to me last fall when I was ready to use Zoom for a Livestream video. I’m not quite sure what happened, but it wasn’t usable.

I switched to StreamYard, which is my backup. Maybe StreamYard should be my go-to. 

I started using Screencastify a couple of years ago and have really liked using it so far.

But recently, via Twitter, I came across another tool called CloudApp. 

The website pitches the tool as a way to skip the meeting. One thing is for sure; screencasting can be a terrific way to present proposals or projects.

I like that you can use the software to create a GIF. I like to make GIFs and use them (as you know). If this makes it easier, I am all on board.

Wrapping it up

Tools and apps have their place if they can save you time and frustration. I think these tools do, in fact, do that. 

Usually, the ones that save me the most time and cure the biggest frustration are the ones I stick with. 

Time will tell if these will do that for me, but I think they are all worth a look.

Have you used any of these tools? Let us know in the MainWP Users Facebook Group.

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