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How to Remove Loginizer Plugin Data on Your WordPress Website

Remove Loginizer Unused Data

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The Loginizer plugin is commonly used for brute force protection, failed login attempt logs, and IP control on your WordPress site.

Loginizer WordPress Plugin

The custom database tables that the Loginizer plugin uses are;


The plugin should remove all stored option values from the site’s database during uninstallation. To delete the database tables, get into your database administrator, such as phpMyAdmin, and look for;


When you uninstall a plugin in WordPress, deleting the database tables it created is a good idea. This practice has several benefits:

Reduce Database Clutter: Database tables no longer in use can take up space and resources, slowing down the website’s performance. By deleting unnecessary tables, you can reduce the clutter in your database and optimize the website’s speed.

Security: If a plugin is no longer being used, it can still leave its tables in the database. Hackers could use these tables to access sensitive information, such as user data. By deleting unused tables, you can reduce the potential attack surface of your website.

Maintain Data Integrity: Sometimes plugins create custom tables in the database to store data that is specific to that plugin. If the plugin is removed, it can leave orphaned data in the database. By removing the plugin’s tables, you can ensure that your database maintains its data integrity.

Ease of Maintenance: When fewer tables are in the database, it can be easier to manage and maintain. Deleting unused tables can make performing backups, updates, and other maintenance tasks easier.

To summarize, it is advisable to eliminate database tables that were generated by unused plugins. This practice can enhance website performance, strengthen security, preserve data integrity, and simplify maintenance duties.

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