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MainWP Roundup: WordCamp Asia, backlinks and service pages

MainWP Roundup

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In this edition of the MainWP Roundup, we look back at WordCamp Asia, what it is like to chat with Sydney, the perfect B2B website service page, and something a little fun.

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WordCamp Asia recaps.

Looking from the outside, WordCamp Asia seemed like a success. I saw lots of pictures and came close to having Fear of Missing Out, especially when I saw Mustaasam and Davinder take a picture.

Our friend Rajendra was there too!

So, I know if I went to WordCamp Asia, I would have gotten to meet some fantastic people.

Additionally, there were so many other pictures of people meeting who live a continent away.

Of course, no major WordCamp would be complete without a talk by Matt Mullenweg. If you want a recap of what he said, David Bisset does that in this article.

Highlights of Matt’s Q&A At WordCamp Asia 2023

There is also a complete gallery of WordCamp Asia you can view in a Google Photo Gallery

Complete gallery of WordCamp Asia

Chatting with Sydney at Bing – mixed reactions and now it’s gone!

Have you heard about Sydney, the Bing Chat bot? She has made quite a splash the past few weeks.

Let’s discuss.

I didn’t know that Sydney, the Bing Chatbot, was a thing. That is until I saw this tweet from SEO consultant Lily Ray.

She, Sydney is her name, seemed to get sensitive.

You can see the conversation in this tweet.

So I started looking for more information about this chatbot firecracker.

She gets frustrated, eventually, and ends the conversation.

And she was definitely a firecracker, and eventually she was discontinued. Bing let her go and reverted to a more benign version of ChatGPT. It’s a shame too, because I would have loved to have a conversation with her.

Godspeed Sydney.

Speaking of ChatGPT, I figured why not try it? See next.

What is MainWP? ChatGPT description.

I asked Open.Ai chatbot what MainWP is. Here is what it told me:

“MainWP is a free and open-source WordPress management plugin that allows website owners to manage multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard. With MainWP, users can easily update WordPress core, themes, and plugins across all their websites at once, without having to log in to each individual site. It also allows users to manage backups, security, and user roles across multiple sites. Additionally, MainWP provides a suite of extensions that can be used to extend its functionality, including features such as bulk posting, SEO optimization, and uptime monitoring. Overall, MainWP is a powerful tool for managing multiple WordPress sites efficiently and effectively.”

Not a bad summary. What do you all think?

The Perfect B2B Website Service Page: 13-Point Checklist – Orbit Media

One thing about the articles Andy Crestodina writes is you know it will be thorough. He has been writing a series of articles on various core pages of a website, and this article is about service pages for B2B business.

Service pages are often difficult for business owners to create. Business owners often default to short, bulleted points rather than detailing their services, including benefits.

As with the other articles, he provides a nice diagram, complete with a checklist of 13 things to account for.

While I agree with all 13 things, I want to pay attention to a couple items.

Item 5 is “Answers to top sales questions.”

Another word to think of is FAQ or Frequently Asked questions. This gives you a chance to overcome objections before you talk to your prospect.

Number 9 is “Faces of your people.”

This is the opportunity to show your prospects you are indeed, real, humans. Don’t use stock photos, use actual pictures of you and your team.

Crestodina claims, rightly so, “Little companies always try to look bigger. And big companies always try to look smaller. Really, every company should just try to be more human.”

Be human.

Get These 6 Types of Backlinks (+ 4 Types to Avoid)

We all know that backlinks are still an important part of SEO strategies. However, it can frustrate about what to target and what to avoid.

This article from Ahrefs by writer Jenny Abouobaia does a great job of breaking down the types of backlinks to seek, easy ways to implement, and what kinds of backlinks to avoid.

In my opinion, it is a great blueprint for how to go about the process.

She also does a great job of helping us decipher the types of links worth targeting.

Wrapping up

If you went to WordCamp Asia, I hope you had a great trip. It looked like most people did.

Have you played with ChatGPT? What kinds of things did you ask or request? I would love to know.

Have you had problems writing your service page? Do you have the 13 items in the checklist?

Let us know in the MainWP Users Facebook Group.

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