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These resources will make you super smarter in the New Year

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Things were drastically different for me a year ago. I was plodding along working as a contract employee for a local web marketing company for a small per hour wage and writing articles for a local media company on startups and technology.

I wasn’t happy and I was struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In December of last year, I began thinking about where I wanted to be in 2016.

I met with a business coach in January to talk about some of the things I wanted to be different.

One of the things I decided to do was invest in myself.

If I was going to be doing some of these things, I wanted to be smarter in the new year. I wanted to make myself smarter and more valuable.

As a result, I have done various different projects throughout the year that has expanded my skill set.

Some of the things I did in 2016 was:

  • Sign up for three writing courses
  • help a client launch an ebook
  • build the landing page for the ebook
  • build an email autoresponder for the launching of the ebook
  • handle digital marketing for a local politician
  • take training to write better email copy
  • buy various books ebooks for different training skills and continue to improve what I already knew
  • Build an accountability partnership with a fellow writer

In fact, last December, I participated in a free training for SEO by Rebecca Gill hosted by iThemes. The training was free, and what I learned was that I knew more than I thought I knew.

I learned my value was more than what I was making.

That’s a topic for another article, increasing your fees and value-based pricing.

I cut ties with the company I was doing contract work and began to focus on content creation and copywriting.

The key to making much of this progress striving to be smarter in the new year.

You have a prime opportunity, this time of year, to decide to improve your skills by learning as much as you can about techniques and strategies that give you much more value to your clients.

Today, we are continuing our series in Jump Starting 2017 with resources for SEO, Landing Pages, and Email Marketing.

These 26 resources can help you skyrocket your value and make you super smarter in the new year.


Search Engine Optimization is still one of the most mysterious skills in the online marketing world. People still act like you need to do some kind of voodoo magic to make SEO work for your website.

In the early days of SEO, there was a lot of “hacking” or gaming the system, especially of Google.

Well, as Bob Dylan would say, “For the times they are a-changin’.”

For several years now, the algorithms at Google have become more complex and are smarter than I am.

AI (artificial intelligence) folks.

The next time you Google (see, that’s a verb now) “pizza,” see what kind of results you get.

Whoa! Did Google just read your mind?

No, it just knows 😉

That is Semantic Search has become a big part of the SEO core. It goes back to user intent.

It is imperative that we are getting our SEO information from folks who keep up with all the changes.

I still see small business owners taking advice about SEO from someone who is giving them tactics from over a decade ago.

Who stuffs keywords nowadays anyways?

If your SEO expert doesn’t talk about creating content, then you should run, not walk, the other direction.

With SEO, there needs to be a nice balance of technical, backlink building (the right way), and content creation. Throw in social influence and you have the cornerstones of your SEO.

The following are good places to go to learn more about SEO.


SEO Resources

A quick word about a couple of these resources.

This is run by Rebecca Gill of Web Savvy Marketing. I have sat in on one of her seminars for SEO via iThemes.

She does a fantastic job of explaining what you need to know and showing you the tools you need to get the job done.

While she does SEO for clients and training for others, she makes a lot of things available for a reasonable price including this training.

In January, Gill, Cory Miller if iThemes and Carrie Dils are hosting a Master SEO training seminar. Simply put, Gill has made an impact on SEO in the WordPress community.

For training and how to understand better about how backlinks operate these days, start with Brian Dean’s blog. Brian does a fantastic job.

Brian is the guy who came up with the idea for the “Skyscraper Technique” idea. In other words, Brian is an influence and authority on the subject. He is one that others get their ideas from.

As with anything that is good, the technique is being copied and copied. And, copied. And, copied.

It is becoming a bit saturated, however, Brian knows about backlinks.

  1. –  Rebecca Gill knows her stuff
  2. –  Linkbuilding the right way with Brian Dean
  3. –  Anything Moz:
  4. –  WP Beginner
  5. –  Yoast (they also have a plugin), Plugin and learning content for SEO. Yoast helps you handle many of the technical aspects of SEO.
  6. – Obviously, Search Engine Journal is on top of the SEO industry.
  7. – Fantastic content at Kissmetrics of Neil Patel fame. Lots of resources here.
  8. – More content from a Neil Patel website.

Landing Pages

Landing pages, as you know, is not just about building a landing page. That is part of the equation.

Landing pages also include the need for good copy as well as how to integrate with a funnel or email marketing software.

Simply having a landing page which does nothing to convert a customer is a landing page which is static.

That is why terms such as conversion optimization have become a big part of the landing page vocabulary. Also, terms like click funnel, call to action, drip and lead nurture have made the cut.

The resources being shared will help with each area.

Not surprisingly, some of the best content for training on landing pages come from landing page software companies. In fact, some of them give away templates.

For example, Unbounce does a fantastic job educating potential customers. You can never buy their product but find yourself in the middle of their articles just learning about landing pages.

  1. – Ultimate landing page course

Email marketing

Just like landing pages, email marketing is about more than just sending an email once a week or month. That is part of it, but there is so much more.

Also, just like landing pages, some of the best content have been written by companies who sell something to do with email marketing such as SumoMe. Don’t let that dissuade you from reading the content. Just keep it in the back of your mind when reading.

Three basic things to remember about email marketing is email copy, the overall email strategy and email sequences (also autoresponder).

I have gathered sources for each area of email marketing.



Email Copy


Overall strategy 



That’s a wrap!

What are your favorite resources for learning?

I read a lot of content on the web about these online marketing techniques.  These are some of the resources I like.

What kind of techniques have you tried?

What are some of your favorite places to learn online marketing strategies?

Discuss in the MainWP Facebook Group page.

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