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Roundup Halloween edition: Making WordPress scary easy to use

Roundup Halloween edition

October is, quite possibly, my favorite time of the year. The air is cooler and crisper here in the Ozarks of Arkansas. The leaves change colors to showcase a display of autumn colors across the mountains and valleys.

It is the perfect time to get in a car and go for a cruise throughout our little state.

There always seems to be a lot of oranges and yellows as well as the browns. It’s simply gorgeous.

Devil's Den Bridge
The Autumn colors surround the Lee Creek Bridge at Devil’s Den State Park near Winslow, AR.
Courtesy: Wikipedia

It is also is squarely in the middle of college football. That is one of my most favorite sports.

Finally, there is another reason.

Can you guess what it is?


I have a love affair with pumpkins. Give me pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin smoothies, and pumpkin pie.

I am craving pumpkin already!

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One of the grandest traditions across the globes is to turn pumpkins into jack o’lanterns. That, of course, is a part of Halloween.

Halloween has its own attraction.

We can dress up as our favorite character.


It is also the time of year when we allow ourselves to embrace the scary. Muahahaha

We watch scary movies, and we go to haunted houses.

Add to that the chill in the air, and it is a recipe for an adrenaline infusion.

This month’s roundup is the Halloween edition: Making WordPress scary easy to use.

Making WordPress scary easy to use

CSS Editor in the Core of WordPress?

It appears there is a new proposal to add a simple CSS editor into the core of WordPress according to WP Tavern.

“The proposal suggests adding a CSS editor to the customizer which offers a number of benefits. Users can live preview changes before they’re applied and see how they’ll appear on mobile devices. Instead of editing files directly, changes are stored in a Custom Post Type for each theme and override theme styles.”

Does this signify the end of child themes? I think that is hard to say. WordPress has been championing parent/child theme relationships for a while now, so it is highly unlikely this will disregard the need or their preference.

Nevertheless, it will make some fairly simple customizations via CSS a little bit easier for many.

What this may mean is that a user creating a simple website can download a quality free theme and avoid the need to build a child theme for a much smaller project.

Updating a live post

Have you had trouble updating a live post in WordPress? It can definitely be a challenge, especially if you have multiple authors an editor. Additionally, if you get loads of traffic, it might be, awkward, to update or rewrite a live post in the editor. (I might do this in Google Drive, but digress)

Well, there is a new plugin that helps solve this problem for WordPress users.

Revisionize accomplishes this task for you and WP Beginner recently took a look.

Automate social media marketing creation

I’ve been a fan of CoSchedule for a while, but Nelio looks like it might be an option for users who wish to keep their budget leaner. Nelio Content Creation is a WordPress-only software for busy bloggers.

Nelio allows users to schedule social media posts from a calendar inside their WordPress dashboard. WP Mayor’s David Coleman has a detailed look at the new plugin.

He includes this about the plugin:

“The plugin does away with the need to visit separate social networks or use external apps to get the word out about your site’s content. And because it’s part of the post editor, you have the ability to set up your social sharing messages as you write your posts.”

Read more

Sports themes roundup

Another lifetime ago I had a couple of sports based WordPress websites. What fun I had!

I remember snatching a free “news” theme out of the WordPress repository and learning how to tweak the PHP to include more or less posts in the front page section.

Yup, that was my introduction to WordPress theme customization.

There weren’t a lot of great sports themes back then. There weren’t even a lot of good news themes. Fast forward to 2016.

Things are much easier now with the emergence of themes that allow you to customize the front page for your blog or website.

WP Lift just posted a roundup of Sports themes. These are terrific for firing up that soccer blog you have been thinking about doing.

You know, you just want a place to talk about what you love, but you don’t want to spend a ton of time building out the theme or the site.

Check out some of these themes

That’s a wrap!

What is Fall like where you live? Comment below

What types of tools have made WordPress much easier for you? Of course, MainWP makes is super easy to update multiple websites.

I have been using Beaver Builder, recently, to create some landing pages much quicker.

My last question for you and please comment below.

What is your favorite pumpkin treat? See my answer below 🙂

1 thought on “Roundup Halloween edition: Making WordPress scary easy to use”

  1. Okay, my favorite pumpkin treat is a little new to me. There is a frozen custard place where I live that makes something called a Pumpkin Pie Concrete. Basically, it is vanilla frozen custard with real pumpkin pie mixed in. Yum!

    I also like pumpkin muffins and recently I started making a pumpkin smoothie that is good too.

    What’s your favorite treat?

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