Securing Your Child Site using the WT Security Plugin

There is a new WordPress plugin for site security and it is called WT Security.

After the plugin has been installed and activated it will add a new admin menu called;

WP Security

To be able to use the security plugin you will need to create an account on the Webtotem site. After you have confirmed your account from the email link, now you can log into the site and add your site that you want to protect.

After you have added the site that you want to protect now will need to add an API key into the plugin’s settings in order to be able to use the plugin.

Click on the profile under your name on the Webtotem site. Now click on add new API key, use this API key in the plugin settings.

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The plugin will add an overview widget which will show current security information about your site. You can view the different eight modules in the Webtotem site. The modules include WAF and Antivirus.

Malicious scripts
Deface scanner
Port scanner

You can need to manually add antivirus and firewall verification fires on your site server. When you enable WAF in the plugin setting it will try to create a WAF PHP file in the main folder of your site server.

WT Security uses a solid service and works well for being able to protect your site as well as being able to run a number of custom checks daily or monthly.

4 thoughts on “Securing Your Child Site using the WT Security Plugin”

  1. Thanks for the post about us Sebastian! We really appreciate it.

    Currently, we in the process to improve our free solution, and soon we will publish our premium solution.

    We would be glad to feedback that we could improve in our system and discuss possible options for cooperation =)

    We are now creating a system for monitoring and protecting a large number of WordPress sites and solutions for WordPress hosting providers.


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