Five SEO audit tools recommended by experts that will help you create valuable reports for your clients

SEO Audit Tools

Do you ever offer audits for prospects? In a recent article, we talked about three ways to use a website audit for your clients. There are different types of audits you can run for your clients or prospects and one of those types is an SEO audit. Today, we are going to talk about tools for those audits.

As with any tool, these tools are a great starting point. To do a thorough SEO audit, there is a need for a structured process and a multitude of tools. In fact, an article by Robbie Richards lists 47 such tools. Another article I found lists 52 tools.

There are a number of report generators such as SEOptimer. These are a great starting point. You can generate some useable information quickly using one of these types of tools. You may need more advanced tools to go even deeper.

Today we are going to share five tools you can use for your SEO audit. There are many more, but these are tools that are favorites among some of our experts.

SEMRush – Sara Dunn

Sara Dunn has become an SEO leader in the WordPress community and she specializes the creative wedding professionals industry. She told me that she is big on using SEMRush.

“It’s wildly expensive but it’s the only thing that can pull all the technical data I want for an audit. The Site Audit feature of projects covers duplicate content, duplicate meta titles, broken internal and external links, SO much more…”

Sara Does SEO


Varvy – John Locke

John is an SEO expert for the manufacturing industry and a WordPress professional. He has a large SEO audit stack that he shared with me. He completes a very thorough SEO audit review for clients. One of the tools he likes is Varvy. Varvy is great for getting the process started. was set up a few years ago to scan for known quality signs in the Google Search Raters Guidelines at the time. I’ll use this for a chunk of my Technical SEO section on SEO Audits.”

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Locke Down SEO


Screaming Frog – Robbie Richards

While Screaming Frog isn’t Robbie’s only tool (his list is gigantic!), it is the top of the list for the SEO Technical Audits category.

“Screaming Frog SEO Spider is the clear winner in this category. The tool has been around for almost a decade. It can be configured to give a wealth of technical and on-page SEO data for sites of any size.” 47 Experts Rank Best SEO Audit Tools for 2018 (with Category Leaderboards)

Screaming Frog has been around a long time and it is trusted by many different experts. It simply delivers the data.

Robbie also links to Seer Interactive’s Screaming Frog Guide To Doing Almost Anything: 55+ Ways Of Looking At A Tool.  The guide at Seer Interactive lists 55 ways to use the tool along with visual-based instructions.


Ahrefs – Shane Barker and Jamil Ali, Cloudways

Ahrefs is a tool that a lot of experts recommend. SEO for the Rest of Us course creator Brendan Hufford is a big fan of the tool. Brendan is not the only one. Check out what these experts have to say

“When it comes to growing your web traffic and analyzing your competition, Ahrefs is the best SEO audit tool available. It can help you with competitive analysis, keyword search, backlink research, and more.” Shane Barker, 52 of the Best SEO Audit Tools to Improve Your Search Rankings. Barker lists Ahrefs number one out of 52 SEO audit tools.

Jamil Ali, Cloudways, 18 SEO Audit Tools For Effective Website Analysis. Ali lists Ahrefs number one as well.

“Ahrefs Site Audit is like a mini lab to examine your site’s health. The system can recognize 110+ technical issues, from critical errors to less-pressing matters. Whatever there is to harm your website’s rankings (broken links, redirects, images or entire CSS and JavaScript files), you’ll quickly find and fix it.”



Dyno Mapper, Rebecca Gill, Vice President of Digital Marketing Services, emagine

Rebecca Gill has been practicing sound SEO for several years. She teaches courses, does training, and now, she is the Vice President of Digital Marketing Services for engine. We visited with Rebecca about SEO over a couple of years ago.

“DynoMapper is a great tool for crawling and viewing the entire landscape of a website or blog. It provides a complete URL list with detailed information, but even more important, it creates visual sitemaps so you can quickly see content silos and areas of concern. As an added bonus, the software can also crawl the entire website and provide a detailed analysis of accessibility issues. I’ve yet to find a tool that offers as much information on content silos and accessibility.” Rebecca Gill, emagine


Wrapping it up

With the right tools and the right reporting, SEO audits can be extremely valuable for your client. The thing about an audit is they reveal things that can’t be seen simply by looking at a website.

Running an audit like this can immediately make you an expert for your customers.

Many of the elements of an SEO audit can be monitored throughout the year using your MainWP dashboard using the various Administrative and Security Extensions.

Do you use SEO audits for your clients? What kind of tools do you use to help you create those reports?

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