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How to Use SweepPress WordPress Plugin for Site Database Optimization

How to Use SweepPress WordPress Plugin for Site Database Optimization

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With Spring coming up sooner than you would think now is a good time to make sure that your site’s database has been optimized. One of the newest plugins for database optimization is called SweepPress.

The plugin uses SQL-optimized queries to find the data in the site’s database and then remove it.

SweepPress WordPress Plugin

The free version of the SweepPress plugin supports the following database optimization options;

  • Posts: Auto Drafts
  • Posts: Spam Content
  • Posts: Trashed Content
  • Posts: Posts Revisions
  • Posts: Posts Orphaned Revisions
  • Posts: Postmeta Locks
  • Posts: Postmeta Last Edits
  • Posts: Postmeta Oembeds
  • Posts: Postmeta Orphans
  • Comments: Spam Comments
  • Comments: Trashed Comments
  • Comments: Unapproved Comments
  • Comments: Orphaned Comments
  • Comments: Comments User Agents
  • Comments: Commentmeta Orphans
  • Comments: Pingbacks Cleanup
  • Comments: Trackbacks Cleanup
  • Terms: Terms Orphans
  • Terms: Termmeta Orphans
  • Users: Usermeta Orphans
  • Options: Expired Transients
  • Options: RSS Feeds
  • Options: All Transients
  • Options: CRON Jobs
  • Sitemeta: Expired Transients
  • Sitemeta: All Transients
  • Database: Optimize Database Tables

SweepPress – The Database Optimization Plugin

To get started with the SweepPress plugin you can see which sweep options are available for database optimization from. Install and Activate the SweepPress from the WordPress repository and then navigate to:

SweepPress > Sweep

SweepPress WordPress Plugin - Expired Transients

And here is the list of Database tables to optimize by the SweepPress WordPress plugin.

SweepPress WordPress Plugin - Optimize Database Tables

Select which data you want to optimize and remove from the site’s database and then you will need to click on the run sweeper button.

SweepPress WordPress Plugin - Status

After the data has been removed and optimized from the site’s database, it will be reflected on the Sweep page.

SweepPress WordPress Plugin - Detailed Stats

The SweepPress plugin includes WP-CLI and WordPress REST API integrations and both of those can be enabled in the settings page from the expand button.

SweepPress > Settings

SweepPress WordPress Plugin - Settings

SweepPress will also keep a record of the site optimization that have been run on the site and those can be accessed from the following menu item;

SweepPress > Statistics

SweepPress WordPress Plugin - Statistics

The SweepPress Pro version includes options to be able to create custom sweeper jobs to run at a specific date along with being able to control and track all WordPress cron events on the site.

SweePress is a well-designed and easy-to-use plugin that will help keep your site’s database optimized and free of bloat.

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