Using Flying Images Plugin to Improve Image Loading Time on Child Sites

Flying Images is a fairly recent plugin which by default will enable a lot of image-based gains for your child site.

After you have installed and activated the plugin it will add a new sub-menu item under settings in wp-admin;

Settings > Flying Images

The tabs it will add are broken down as the following;

Lazy load




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The default lazy loading enabled is native and JavaScript. Native is only for supported browsers like Google Chrome at the moment. JavaScript will work in all browsers. The CDN which Flying Images provides at no cost is Statically.  Statically uses CDN providers such as Cloudflare, BunnyCDN and CDN77. In the compression tab, you can set the image compression level for images being added to the media library. Site images will be converted on the fly to be in the WebP image format if the users browser supports it.

Flying Images will work with caching plugins like Cache Enabler or WP Rocket.

Using the Flying Images plugin on your child sites is an easy way to improve image load times on your sites.

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