Using NitroPack to Optimize Your Child Site Performance

NitroPack is a service with an integration plugin for WordPress which will improve your site’s load times. NitroPack has a number of pricing plans you can start with a free plan which includes up to 500MB of resources storage and up to 200 page optimizations per month. If you go up a plan to the $19 per month priced plan it includes 1GB of resources storage and up to 20,000 page optimizations per month.

After you have installed and activated the NitroPack plugin on your child site it will add a sub-menu settings item;

Settings > NitroPack

In order to be able to use NitroPack on your site, you will need to connect your site using site ID and site secret. You can find the API creds in the connection tab in NitroPack then copy those keys into the plugin settings on your site.

In NitroPack you can specify the home URL and the sitemap URL which will automatically re-optimizes purged or validated pages.

From the settings tab in NitroPack, you can set the configuration strength medium is going to be the safest bet in most cases. Also within the setting, you can specify the cache length time, URL to include, URL to exclude from being cached. Some example URLs that you would want to exclude such as cart, my account, and checkout or other similar URLs. You can also exclude caching by cookies some of those you would want to exclude would be any WordPress or WooCommerce cookies if you were using WooCommerce plugin on your child site. NitroPack also has webhooks that can be called on to clear the cache from any triggered change on your site.

It is also possible to make a number of changes related to NitroPack directly in the settings of the plugin on your child site. If you click on the tab next to the general settings tab in NitroPack which is named integration you can also set a number of integrations such as NGNIX, Cloudflare, and Sucuri.

NitroPack is a very easy to use service which even on the free plan will serve site assets using Amazon Cloudflare CDN, automatically optimize images and provide cache warmup which will keep your most commonly requested page optimized for site users. NitroPack also includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript minification, lazy loading for images, conversion of images to WebP automatically if the site user requests browser support for WebP file format images.

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