Using OptiMole to Image Optimize Your Child Sites

OptiMole is a very easy to use service with a straightforward to use WordPress plugin. Using the OptiMole plugin and service will make it very easy to improve the front-end load times of your child sites.

In order to be able to use OptiMole, you will first need to install the plugin on your site. Once the plugin is installed and activated from Media it will add a new menu item. On the new settings page for OptiMole, you can create a new account which you will need to enter your email address. Check your email for the new email from OptiMole and within the email, it will contain your OptiMole account creds as well as the API key to use on your site.

Media > Optimole > Dashboard

Enter the OptiMole API key into the plugin settings and then wait for the site to be connected to OptiMole. Once the site has been connected to the OptMole service you can go through and confirm that the settings are correct for your site.

Media > Optimole > Settings > General

Media > Optimole > Settings > Advanced

Optimole will optimize the site images on the fly and will not store optimized images on your site’s server. The upside on not storing optimized site images on your sites server is that it means that image optimization will not be a long process to run which could potentially cause higher resource issues on your site’s server.

You can control the image quality that OptiMole will serve out to site users from within the advanced settings of the plugin. OptiMole by default will be able to serve WebP versions of your site images to users on your site using browsers than support WebP images.

Optimole uses AWS Cloudfront CDN to serve the site images which has edge caching locations (Points of Presence) in 200 countries.

OptiMole also includes lazy loading for the images that it will serve out on your site, you can also include a place holder image on your lazy loading assets within the settings.

If you did want to disable lazy loading on PNG image assets then OptiMole provides a constant that can be defined in your sites wp-config.php file.


Also within the OptiMole advanced settings, you can also exclude from optimization and lazy loading by file name, extension, or page URL.

OptiMole will allow you to serve images for 5,000 visitors per month on the free plan. You can upgrade to the starter or business plans if you needed higher visitor counts per month.

OptiMole is very easy to use service and plugin and takes the time and effort out of image optimization which will improve the site load times on the sites that you use it on.

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