How to use the BunnyCDN to Improve Site Load Times

BunnyCDN is one of the most feature-complete CDNs that can be used to improve your site’s load times. BunnyCDN has 41 data centers which means your site assets will be replicated and served from the edge server nearest to the site users’ location.

BunnyCDN includes automatic image optimization and on the fly modifications and compression of static sites assets by using the Bunny Optimizer.

In order to be able to use BunnyCDN on your sites, you will need to create an account. After you have created an account you will need to create a pull zone. When creating a pull zone you will need to set the origin URL which would be the site domain. It is also possible to create a custom CDN hostname to use BunnyCDN so that site assets show as being served from the custom hostname rather than the more obscure pull zone URL.

Next, you will need to install the BunnyCDN plugin on your site it is also possible to use BunnyCDN with WP Rocket. In the BunnyCDN plugin settings, you will need to add your pull zone URL. If you want to be able to purge your pull zone in BunnyCDN directly from the site then you will need to grab your API key which you can find in your account. In order to be able to see the API field, you will need to go into the advanced view in the BunnyCDN plugin settings.


Pull Zones

Within the Pull Zone settings in BunnyCDN, we are going to cover caching and the Bunny Optimizer.

Pull Zones > Caching

Pull Zones > Optimizer


In BunnyCDN you can create a storage zone which means you can upload your site files to it by FTP or directly on the BunnyCDN site. Then you can connect your storage zone to your pull zone.



In the purge tab in BunnyCDN, you can purge by URL or purge the pull zone.



BunnyCDN does work with EWWW Image Optimizer plugin for being able to dynamically create and serve WebP files on your site for site users which are using browsers that support the WebP image format.

BunnyCDN is very easy to set up and well-priced CDN for your site or sites. To give you a rough estimate if you were only using North America and Europe data center and up to 300GB of traffic, the price on the standard tier would be $4.50, compared to all of the major CDN providers BunnyCDN kills it on features and price point.

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