How you can use video email marketing to create an unfair advantage for your business

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I remember getting an exclusive email from a copywriting influencer one day. Needless to say, my jaw was on the floor when I got the email and video from Tarzan Kay.

Have you ever gotten something like that?

She sent me an email with a personalized video.

First of all, the fact that she knew my name was pretty cool. I mean, she has thousands of people on her email list.

Why did she specify me?

It was pretty cool.

That was when I realized that we could actually have videos in our email.

Now, what she was doing was specific. What I have learned over time is there are multiple ways to use videos in email.

We tend to spend our time writing our emails, and, honestly, they are kind of boring.

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I pride myself on writing story-driven emails to make them a little more entertaining.

But, putting a specialized video in an email is simply going up a level.

Today, I am going to talk about various ways you can use video email marketing to create an advantage for your business. Towards the end, I am going to introduce you to a few tools that specialize in doing just this type of thing.

Use it to send to colleagues or clients.

The other day, I got a question from a client on how to do something. No problem, I pulled up my Screencastify and made a quick video.

I sent the link to him, and he replied with a very enthusiastic thank you.

Sometimes it is just easier to create a video. In some cases, instructions need to be an “over the shoulder” type of look.

Being able to send that email to them can be very helpful to clients. They can see what you are doing and how you do it, and they have it to refer back to.

You have a few options for this type of video to send in an email.

First, you can use a screen capture tool like Screencastify and store it in a Google Drive folder. You may also choose to upload it to your Youtube channel and include it as “Unlisted.”

You will be able to send a link that allows your customer to view the video.

Another option is to use a video email tool such as Vidyard and BombBomb. BombBomb will allow you to embed the video in the email. It also gives you an option to put a moving image or a GIF in the email.

Use video email marketing to close a sale.

I will admit, I have yet to do this. I am now kicking myself.

Do you have prospects in your sales funnel that you are trying to close?

Create a quick video summarizing your proposal or whatever you are using to close the sale.

Embed that in an email.

Use their name. Always use their name. Make sure it is personal.

When we are working with prospects, we are working on them at a one on one level, so it is a good idea.

Now, using your software, you can embed the video in your email or provide a link to view the video.

There is a feeling that is hard to explain when someone sees their name on a whiteboard in a video thumbnail in an email.

As the recipient, you will pay more attention.

Include their name in the subject line too. Tell them you made a video for them.

Trying to get them to the next stage, send a video. I almost guarantee that your client has never had a personalized video sent to them before.

Biteable has a helpful article breaking down various ways to use videos in sales emails.

VIP Members on your opt-in list

If you are like me, you have segmented your email list in various ways. One of my most recent segments is according to the members who open my emails the most. I call them my VIP list.

When Tarzan sent me the personalized email, apparently, I was one of her VIP members because I open her emails regularly.

One thing you can do is create a super VIP list, those members who always open your list. Narrow down to the best email subscribers and then create a video for each one.

Here is a caveat.

You don’t want a very long list because you are doing a personalized email for every single person.

So you might want to limit that group. Also, if someone is in that range, and they haven’t become a customer yet, they might be a great candidate for a personalized email.

Keep those videos short. Make sure you embed or include a GIF in the video with a personalized message. Some have used a whiteboard with the person’s name.

It will look like this.

Tarzan Kay GIF
Tarzan Kay GIF

Tools to make videos for email

Tarzan uses BombBomb, who is probably one of the first available for this kind of use. You may also use something like Vidyard. I recently signed up and really liked the dashboard.

Vidyard seems to be just for email and has less of the other things.

Another tool available is Hippo Video. It is a very robust tool with lots of features. Hippo Video will even help you get testimonials for customers.

One copywriter I know created a video for his list using Loom. This was not a personalized video, but it was a video he sent to his list.

Loom would be a great option as well. Simply use it to make a custom video for your list, or individuals, and send them the link.

There are two things I think are important when you send a video. First, include the word “video” in your email subject.

You may use it in a context like “I made a video for you.” Or, you may choose to use

. Either way, it informs the reader that you have a video.

Videos are different, and they command attention when the user knows you have sent them one.

The second thing I think is important is that you use a video thumbnail or a GIF. The thumbnail or GIF should include a snippet of the video or a short snippet that consists of the person’s name on a whiteboard or piece of paper.

Animated Thumbnail
Made with Vinyard, this is an animated thumbnail for a very short video I created.

The animated thumbnail or GIF with personalization will increase the likelihood that they will watch the video.

Well, it worked for me. Seeing that snippet with my name on the whiteboard caused me to watch the video.

The tools are available. We just need to step up and use a different method that will wow your customer. I just recently signed up with Vidyard, and it looks like a very promising tool.

Wrapping it up

As digital marketers, we are always looking for an advantage. Not very many people are sending customized, personal videos to prospects or clients.

One person I know had even used a video when he needed to get his client’s attention about something. Using a video can have so many different uses.

We live in an age with webcams and Zoom, so almost all of us are comfortable working in this medium.

And that website designer down the street, he or she is not using video messages in emails.

So go, take this advantage to heart.

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