Using the AutomatorWP Plugin on your Child Sites

There is a new plugin called AutomatorWP which makes it easy to be able to connect plugins together to create automation workflows. The main AutomatorWP plugin has a free version that currently supports WooCommerce, BuddyPress, GamiPress and LearnDash plugins.

After you have installed the main AutomatorWP plugin and any of the required add-on plugins you will need to create your first automation using any of the available triggers.


You can start adding automations using the provided triggers and actions on your child sites.

Using the supported triggers and actions you can now easily put together any number of automations.

In this example, we are going to send a customer an email when they have purchased five products on the site. Another example would be to update a customer metavalue in their usermeta with say a discount which could then be applied when the customer purchases another product.

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WooCommerce plugin supported triggers in the AutomatorWP plugin.

User views any/specific product.
User purchases any/specific product.

LearnDash plugin supported triggers and actions in the AutomatorWP plugin.

User attempts quiz.
User completes any/specific topic.
User completes any/specific lesson.
User completes any/specific course.

Enroll user from all/specific course.

BuddyPress plugin supported triggers in the AutomatorWP plugin.

User account gets activated.
User writes an activity stream message.
User joins any/specific group.

GamiPress plugin supported triggers in the AutomatorWP plugin.

User earns points of any/specific type.
User earns any/specific achievement.
User reaches any/specific rank.

The pro version of AutomatorWP supports a number of other plugins by installing the provided add-on plugins. You can view all of the triggers and actions that AutomatorWP Pro version supports from this link. AutomatorWP Pro version includes a webhooks add-on which means that it will support a number of external services.

AutomatorWP will not cause any performance issues if used correctly. For example, you would not want to use AutomatorWP to track site visitors as an analytics tool. AutomatorWP will only use a limited number of customer database tables;


AutomatorWP plugin is a very easy way to create automations that will help your site out and the pro versions support most of the major plugins that might be used on your child site.

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