Content marketing has a compound effect that lasts for years and helps you generate business

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A few years ago, I worked in a customer service call center. That was just one of the more interesting jobs I had.

I worked for two mortgage companies. So we serviced home mortgages. I learned way more about the industry than I ever intended to.

One of the regular discussions we had with customers was how to pay off their loans faster.

We would walk them through an amortization schedule based on what they projected to pay.

One thing was sure, the more that they committed to paying the principle of their loan would allow them to pay off the loan sooner.

As they paid on the principal part of the loan, the interest amount would become less. With each loan payment, the customer was paying even more on the principle part of the loan.

It was a compound effect if you will.

You can do the same for your business by using content marketing. It has a compound effect, as we will see in this article. 

Recently, I read an article by Ross Simmonds at Foundation Inc, where he discussed how content helped prior to the most recent recession in 2008-2009.

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For many businesses, it is tempting to cut back on marketing during this COVID-19 outbreak. As Simmonds points out, if you invest in content now, the returns will pay off in the near future.

In the article he says,

“Before you pump the breaks on your content creation efforts, take a step back and remember to think long term. Investing in content right now gives you a presence when activity is high and competitors are scaling back. Content created today is better than content created tomorrow not only for reaching your audience earlier but also for giving you more time to generate links, drive shares on social media, generate leads and rise in the search rankings.”

The time is ripe for us to be investing in our content marketing efforts. 

So, get started creating evergreen content with real, lasting power. 

Content Marketing Strategy | Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels
Content Marketing Strategy | Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels


There is a big problem

Yes, there is a big problem. In fact, you might call it a failure for content marketing. 

Many people create more temporal content, and with their promotion efforts, they are greeted with “The spike of hope; and the flatline of nope.”

That phrase was uttered by the SEO wizard himself, Rand Fishkin, in a conference presentation.

See the presentation here.

He refers to how traffic usually happens with a new blog post. In the beginning, once the article is published, it is shared on all the proper social channels. At this point, there is a surge in traffic. The surge in traffic is referred to as the “spike of hope.”

However, as time goes, the traffic falls off to a “flatline of nope.”

Here’s how Benjamin Brandall explains it at the Ahrefs blog,

“PPC and other marketing tactics can send traffic, but as soon as you stop investing your time, effort or money in them, traffic fades to nothing.”  source: Ahrefs

Good, relevant, evergreen content leading to quality organic search will help you sustain traffic over time.

Build your compound effect now

Start building your content now. 

It has been said, “The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now. ~UNKNOWN, Source: Emily’s Quotes

Don’t wait until five years down the road when you look around, and your competitors are doing well because they created content, and you are playing catch up. 

As I have said before, you need to create relevant content that is evergreen. 

Now, I’m going to discuss three solid reasons to create content that will compound over time for your business.

Google is the world's largest search engine Courtesy:
Google is the world’s largest search engine


The first reason to create content that compounds is the effect it has on organic search.

Returning to our article at Ahrefs, Brandall says,

“Organic traffic is sustainable as long as you target a topic with organic search traffic potential. I.e., a topic that people are searching for, month after month, in Google.”

So, while there is a problem with the “flatline of nope,” it can be solved with content that generates good organic search traffic.

As you see in his example, the most important articles on the Ahrefs site maintain substantial traffic. Additionally, he points out that the topics have to have traffic potential.

Note: Ahrefs shows you how to find traffic potential in their Blogging for Business course.

“Bottom line: In order to avoid the flatline of nope, SEO is important, which also means making sure to target a keyword with search traffic potential.” Source: Ahrefs Blog

The second reason to use content marketing to build a compound effect is that Evergreen content can bring you business for years.

I have a consultant friend who swears she still gets business every year from a blog post she wrote years ago containing a valuable keyword for her industry. No doubt, if you create the right keywords, that staying power can continue to bring you traffic year after year. The returns each year is why relevant content is so valuable for companies.

Simply put, the compound effect of evergreen content marketing can bring in business several years later.

If you write good enough content, the kind that is relevant and engaging, and loaded with tremendous value, you will build backlinks over time. The best content is referenced over and over.

Once other websites link to your site, builds authority for your website. Backlinks are still one of the top elements for being found in organic searches.

So, if you create that content now, it will begin to pay dividends in the next few years. 

Of course, you can’t create flimsy, weak content. It has to be truly valuable.  I talk more about this kind of content in an earlier article.

Wrapping it up

The compound effect of content marketing is something that you can take solace in during downtimes. Creating the kind of content that is relevant to your users will continue to increase your presence.

Content marketing and SEO is a great way to combat the “flatline of nope.” But don’t wait to start, build that content now!

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