Using the Tutor LMS Plugin on your Child Site

There are a number of plugin solutions for adding eLearning to your child site with those being LearnDash and LifterLMS. One of the most solid options is Tutor LMS. There are two versions of Tutor LMS basic and Pro. The basic version of Tutor LMS can be installed from whilst the Pro version will cost $149 for a single site license. The Pro version includes support for WooCommerce Subscriptions, Paid Memberships Pro, and Restrict Content Pro. The Pro version of Tutor LMS also includes a number of add-ons like content drip, manual enrolments as well as integration for BuddyPress.

Tutor LMS plugin after it has been installed and activated will guide you through a very easy to use setup wizard. Follow through all of the steps of the setup wizard and then you will be guided to create a new course. Any of the changes made during the setup wizard will be able to be changed from the Tutor LMS settings.

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The Tutor LMS basic version includes integration for both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugins. The basic version includes a whole number of features without needing to go with the Pro version.

All of the main changes related to Tutor LMS can be made through the settings section. On the Tools section of Tutor LMS you can regenerate the tutor pages this is similar to the tools section if you have used WooCommerce plugin before.

Tutor LMS will add the following custom database tables for storing the data that it will use,


Tutor LMS plugin will work with a number of themes like Storefront, Astra, and OceanWP which means that you can use a solid free theme with the plugin. Tutor LMS plugin also now has integration if you are using the AutomatorWP plugin which we have covered in a previous post.

Tutor LMS plugin is a clean and very easy to use eLearning plugin for your site which does not cause performance issues and will make it simple to add eLearning features to your existing child site.

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