Roundup Christmas Edition: Virtual Reality powered by WordPress

Virtual Reality Roundup

In this month’s roundup, we explore the virtual reality and WordPress, track down the Ukrainian Brute Force attacks, introduce you to the ultimate WordPress checklist, talk about SEO in 2017, and visit WordCamp US with a shy introvert.

So, get out a glass of whatever it is you like to drink, kick your feet up, and dig into the monthly MainWP blog roundup.

A Very Virtual Roundup

Virtual Reality + WordPress

Imagine for a minute. You are looking at a listing for a piece of real estate on a realtor’s website.

You decide to view the pictures and, whoa, suddenly, you see it from 360°.

Suddenly you feel like you are in the home viewing it from every angle.

This is the power of virtual reality.

Virtual Reality can now be used on According to the article at WP Tavern, it will be added to Jetpack soon.

For now, there are at least a couple of plugins WordPress users can take advantage.

According to a recent TechCrunch article, while the technology is available, the content seems to be lacking. (Hint to all content marketers).

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Ultimate WordPress Checklist

iThemes recently released a monster checklist. You know, us developers, we love checklists.

The checklist is made up of over “80+ Tasks for Every WordPress Website Owner.”

According to the article:

“Building and running a WordPress website includes many tasks, so we compiled this WordPress checklist so you don’t forget a thing. From setup to launch to maintenance, this checklist is a handy reference for your current website or your next WordPress website project.”

The checklist is interactive, meaning you can add an actual checkmark next to the task.

One thing I would have loved to have seen was a downloadable checklist to use. It could have been HTML or pdf, but it would be something that could be filed away by WordPress website owners.

How to make money from your expertise: Chris Lema

Chris Lema is always fairly introspective and a little more philosophical than a lot of WordPress writers. He does and has offered some excellent How-To articles, but this article is a bit more reflective.

Lema talks about creating frameworks to help systematize a person’s expertise.

Count me in as a one loves this idea!

People look for the how to quite often. Often, they just don’t know where to start.

Take a task you have completed hundreds of times. If you can articulate it in a way which helps someone learn to do something or gives them a guide each time they do the task, you can generate some revenue.

For example, a friend of mine recently had a problem with his website where he couldn’t log in to the WordPress dashboard. What he read on the internet was that he needed to deactivate the plugins manually.

He was hesitant having never done this before. Of course, he couldn’t break the site much more than it already had been broken.

I had manually deactivated plugins several times. I got it in and took care of it in a few minutes and checked out everything and gave him some recommendations. I scored me some toffee!

It was an expertise that I had that he did not. What we should realize is there are millions of WordPress website owners who do not have our expertise.

Lema explains the benefit:

“In the end, getting your expertise into a framework not only helps your customers. It helps you – because it creates structure and people like and can embrace structure.”

Who is really behind brute force attacks?

It seems like every few months there is a surge in brute force attacks. People are evil.

Attacks by these guys are always something designed to create chaos and more.

I have worked on WordPress sites that have received hacks. Sorting through the mess is tough.

That is why it is necessary to have a security protocol in place. Note, you can monitor security through the MainWP dashboard.

Recently, Wordfence published a post about the recent attacks originating from the Ukraine.

Really, it doesn’t matter where they come from, and often, it is hard to trace.

If you run a WordPress website for business, you need to stay vigilant.

It is likely that we won’t know who is really behind these attacks, even if we can trace it to one IP address in one country.

SEO changes in 2017

SEO has changed as much or more than anything we do in the past ten years.

Yep. No longer can you stuff a bunch high ranking keywords in the hidden part of your web page and game backlinks to get ahead and on page one of Google.

I have loosely followed the SEO industry the past ten years and watched the changes come including a greater emphasis on content.

Still, people keep doing things in SEO like it is 2001.

According to Rebecca Gill of Web Savvy Marketing, SEO is a process, not a plugin.

Gill recently published her thoughts on SEO in the coming year compared to the past year.

In the article, Gill said, “In 2016 I fell back in love with SEO. I truly did and I didn’t even notice it happening until late in the year.”

Gill has been an SEO leader in the WordPress community the past few years. She is currently leading seminars and preparing for a boot camp in January.

Recently, I interviewed Gill for an article on SEO here at the MainWP blog. I’m looking forward to sharing her answers.

Introverts at big conferences

Are you an introvert?

I think many of us have some introvert in our personality. After all, we mostly work with computers rather than people.

Some of us are introverts but not real shy.

When I go to a conference, I am fine when I am around people I know, but in an area where everyone is a stranger, I clam up.

What about you?

When you go to a WordCamp, how well do you do with the crowds?

Well, Paul Oyler, a developer from Pennsylvania, recently went to WordCamp US in Philadelphia. Affectionately known as Pappy on Twitter, Oyler describes himself as a shy introvert.

Oyler tells about his experience at WordCamp, complete with the good and the bad.

I know that if I went to a large WordCamp, I would need to hang out with someone I know.

What are your experiences like at WordCamp?

How did you fare?


That’s a wrap on another roundup.

What did you read this month?

What are you reading currently? Any good books or blog posts?

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  1. I’d love to learn more on how to do better with my wordpress site. I feel totally lost when it comes to SEO. There are a ton of plugins, but do they actually help or hurt?

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