Why the Follow Up Emails WooCommerce Plugin Will Cause Site Issues

While trying new plugins can unearth hidden gems in the WooCommerce world, there are certain plugins that are better to stay away from. One such plugin is Follow Up Emails. The plugin sends follow up emails based on different triggers (e.g., if a customer purchased a specific product, a customer created a new subscription to a product or plan, and so on).

The custom database tables created by the plugin are as follows;

Follow Up Emails plugin for WooCommerce heavily uses the Action Scheduler, which is built into WooCommerce core. The Action Scheduler’s role is as a job queue to run background tasks, but it means those Scheduled Action posts and comments will end up bloating the site database. The Action Scheduler is a good idea, in part, for what it is trying to solve; but the way it ends up working can be a total mess. The Follow Up Email plugin uses up to 1GB or more of data in the site database. When used on an active site with orders, the plugin bloats the comments, comment meta, posts, and post meta database tables. If the store being used has fewer orders and follow up emails that need to be set, the data being stored in its custom database tables might lower in size.

The Follow Up Emails database tables can be dropped from the site’s database after a site database has been created and the plugin has been deactivated and then deleted from the site.

You can replace the Follow Up Emails plugin by using Mailchimp, or a similar dedicated provider, and then set up an automation flow so new follow up emails are sent using MailChimp. This will save you from the mess of those emails being sent out using the site’s database.

Abandoned cart emails from Follow Up Emails can be replaced with the one set up in MailChimp as well.

Being aware of which WooCommerce plugins can cause site issues means you can replace the less efficient plugins with other methods that do not cause site issues.

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