Useful WordPress Developer Plugins for Your Site

WordPress Developer Plugins

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With the massive amount of plugins available for WordPress, it can be hard to know the most useful ones if you are a WordPress developer.

1. WP Crontrol

WP Crontrol - WordPress Developer Plugin

WP Crontrol is a plugin that allows you to see and control the CRON events in wp-admin that are running on your WordPress site. The cron events will be broken down from one native to WordPress core.

The CRON events from active plugins on the site would show in the custom cron events section. The plugin will allow you to remove left-over cron events from plugins that were uninstalled and no longer used on the site and edit existing cron events.

WP Rollback - WordPress Developer Plugin

2. WP Rollback

WP Rollback allows you to roll back a plugin or theme from within wp-admin to an older version. The WP Rollback plugin is valuable if a plugin update causes a specific issue or error on the site.

Query Monitor - WordPress Developer Plugin

3. Query Monitor

The last plugin that is essential to use and have in your plugin toolkit is the Query Monitor plugin. Unless you use New Relic or Datadog to run down deeper site performance or slow external query issues. The Query Monitor plugin will allow you to find the slow and duplicate queries happening in your site’s database by showing them in a drop-down section from your admin bar in wp-admin.

Having a gut reaction that a specific plugin is causing a performance slow-down issue on the site can be pinpointed by using the Query Monitor plugin.

These three plugins are useful in your developer’s toolkit and can be helpful when you need them for particular issues.

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