Learn How to Boost Your Email Marketing & Newsletter Campaigns!

Ways to Boost Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most accessible and efficient ways to reach your audience, whether a small business or a giant company; developing a good email marketing strategy can help you generate more leads.

According to the statistics, more than 4 billion people around the globe own at least one email address. That is why 91% of marketers declared that email marketing is essential for their business growth.

As a web user, you might have multiple email addresses, one for work, one for your personal use, or even one from your childhood with a name that might be a bit embarrassing… your prospect does too! As 67% of the web users declared having at least 2 email addresses.

Another popular opinion is that this statistic applies only to the older generation. However, even if the younger generation doesn’t use as much email as the previous one, they are still possessing and using this channel to get in touch with their favorite brands.

Now you realize the importance of an efficient email marketing strategy! We are ready to help you improve your current email automation strategy.

To get the most precise information, we asked our friends at AcyMailing, the famous newsletter plugin on WordPress, for some tips to boost email and newsletter campaigns’ efficiency.

Read this article and discover more about email marketing!

Email Subject – A Key to Open the Gate

Email Subject - Key to Open The Gate

If your email were a house, its subject would be the key that opens your front door. Your email subject is essential for boosting the open rate of your email marketing campaigns.

Studies show that having a captivating subject can boost your opening statistics by 35%. Working on your email subject might be one of the most significant factors in improving your email marketing campaigns or newsletter.

Keep in mind that it must be short & precise, between 6 and 7 words, because keeping your email subject sharp improves your efficiency generating 40% more clicks than a longer subject.

The final touch to improve the efficiency of your subject is to use emojis at the beginning. Emojis are always a big subject for companies that produce content.

Sometimes seen as unprofessional or too friendly, if you use them with caution, they can be an efficient weapon to boost your content.

In your email subject, it makes no exception; studies showed that your click rate could rise to 93% if you use an emoji! This number is outstanding.

Think Mobile Friendly

Think Mobile Friendly Email

The most used email applications to open emails are the iPhone native ones: “Mail” & “Gmail”. That’s why this is no coincidence if statistics show that 43% of emails are opened on mobile.

Today, you must consider mobile compatibility when designing email marketing campaigns! It’s essential to use an email editor capable of showcasing to their users how their email will be displayed on all kinds of devices.

If you don’t make that effort, the recipients will delete your campaign without landing an eye on it. 42% declared that they delete emails instantly if they are not mobile-friendly.

No marketer wants to lose that kind of audience, so from now on, when you think of your subsequent campaigns, think mobile first.

Early Birds Are Rewarded

One of the steps to improve your newsletter or email marketing impact is to determine your timing. We know that sending campaigns with many users into your database can be very long.

Furthermore, you need to remember that to boost the efficiency of your campaign, your content must be in your recipient’s mailbox in the morning, between 6 and noon.

With this information, you must realize that the best way to reach your audience is to stay up all night to send your campaign at the right time, but solutions such as AcyMailing allow you to automate campaigns and schedule them from your WordPress dashboard.

A Clean Database Is an Efficient Database

AcyMailing - Clean Database

Before creating campaigns, you must ensure that your database is well prepared. It means that you have to ensure that the emails that will be sent will reach their audience.

Sending email marketing campaigns or newsletters to a non-cleaned database is like making the most fantastic concert in the middle of the desert.

Your content might be excellent, but no one will be there to acknowledge it. To avoid that, we advise you to clean your email list frequently to reach your actual audience.

That solution can only benefit your work as it will boost your efficiency and statistics and save you time and money.

One of the best solutions to clean your email list is AcyChecker; this tool detects fake users from your database and blocks them. It can also prevent fake email addresses from subscribing to your campaigns or creating an account on your website!

Insert a Call to Action

Most of your content is supposed to trigger an interaction. In 2022, 91% of consumers are searching for interactive content. Despite this statistic, only 17% of marketers provide it.

During an email marketing campaign, interaction with your audience is complicated, unlike social media, where it is easier to interact with your audience by provoking emotions that drive to comments, likes, or shares.

However, a call to action can be an effective way to pep up your email marketing content.

A call to action (or CTA) is a marketing term that defines a piece of content intended to induce a viewer, reader, or listener to perform a specific act, typically taking the form of an instruction or directive.

Adding a CTA can improve your business conversion rate by 28%. But keep in mind that contrary to what one might think, it isn’t necessarily to push a product; it can also be used to share content, a social media post, or redirect to your website.

A call to action is essential to your content because it gives your recipient a way to be more active and involved by having the possibility to interact with your content instead of only being passive toward the information.


Email marketing is an excellent way to reach your audience. Promoting an offer, a blog article, or sharing updates on your work.

It’s always a great way to boost your relationship with your audience. Studies show that email marketing is 10 times more efficient than social media in promoting a marketing offer.

As social media decreases and the visibility of non-paid pages and content decreases, email marketing can be a great alternative to reach your audience and build efficient marketing campaigns.

For those who still think that email marketing is a thing of the past, you shouldn’t; emails are far from gone, as 600 million new email addresses are predicted to be created by 2025. It seems like a lot of potential new clients…

Thanks to the WordPress community for building plugins such as AcyMailing so that WordPressers can create, design, and automate email marketing campaigns directly inside their WordPress dashboard.

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