WordPress Podcast Roundup features coffee, nightmare clients, value pricing and heroes!

WordPress Podcast Roundup

What does coffee, WordPress heroes, nightmare clients and value pricing have to do with each other?

The common thread here is WordPress. The common thread is also podcasts.

In our first ever WordPress Podcast Roundup, we recap four recent WordPress podcasts touching on those motley crew of subjects.

Nightmare Clients and Growing Your Business with Erin Flynn WPCP: 136


Kim Doyal is the WordPress Chick we all love. In this episode, she has Erin Flynn, a young developer who is making an impact with her advice dealing with nightmare clients.

Flynn has a communications degree and tons of experience in learning how to tell people “no” and reign in these types of clients.

Flynn offers a fee ecourse on dealing with nightmare clients as well as email templates for navigating these relationships.

Doyal always asks her guest about their story to which Flynn gladly gave hers. She started building websites at 13. After graduating college and entering the “grown up” world, she got a real job but found it was something she didn’t like.

She decided to quite and former co-worker, who also quit, asked her to build a website for her new employer. Thus, her freelance career began.

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It is a terrific conversation and a chance to learn more about dealing with difficult clients.

160 WP-Tonic: Jonathan Stark: The Case for Value-Based Pricing


I came across this podcast when I was doing research on value-based pricing. Fantastic show by WP Tonic.

Like Kirk Bowman, Stark is a big advocate for value pricing and helps people escape the hourly freelancing trap.

Stark says on his website:

“The unconscious acceptance of hourly billing as the best and only option for selling services is a collective hallucination that literally keeps me up at night. In fact, I consider it my mission in life to rid the earth of hourly billing.”

The guys at WP Tonic do a fantastic job bring him to the discussion and allowing him to offer his expertise on the subject.

Stark explains what value pricing is and is not. It is good to know that value pricing is not pulling an arbitrary number out of thin air and it requires a lot of discovery before hand to really understand the value.

If you are researching more about what value pricing looks like, I recommend checking out this podcast.

The podcast is also available on Youtube where I watched.


How I Built it: Episode 22: Topher DeRosia and HeroPress


“Friends do great things together.”

The statement above was the final thought from Topher during this podcast right after he talked about connecting with people.

Topher said that we should ask people about their dreams, their hopes, and their struggles and just listen.

Then, he says, “The next morning you wake up, and you are friends.”

And, he says, “Friends do great things together.”

I loved this podcast, and I loved how Joe Casabona was able to dig down into the story of HeroPress.

I also loved how Topher was willing to share the backstory on the popular website.

If you have always wanted to know more about how HeroPress started, this podcast episode is worth this listen.

Additionally, Topher hinted at some new content for HeroPress.

The WP Crowd: Episode 045: WordPress Developers Talk Coffee


WordPress and coffee. Seriously, what could be any better?

The fact that the podcast came out on my birthday makes it even better.

Apparently, the conversation started in a Twitter thread.

Roy Sivan, Chris Flannagan, Andrew Norcross, Josh Pollock round the table to talk about coffee. Amazing!

The great debate seemed to be about the type of coffee machines these guys own.

Norcross has nine machines for coffee. He says he drinks 5 or 6 cups in the morning. Caffeine truly powers his coding.

What we learned about Norcross is that he is pretty serious about his coffee.

Norcross tells a funny story about his coffee machine issues once where Carrie Dils came to the rescue.

How important is coffee to your WordPress projects?

That’s a wrap

I love the idea of doing a podcast on coffee. The idea of four WordPress developers sitting around talking about their journey and experience with coffee was epic to me.

These podcasts are good because they have good hosts who ask the right questions. I enjoyed learning more about HeroPress with Topher. I really enjoyed WP-Tonic’s conversation with Stark, and Kim Doyal always does a fantastic job interviewing her guests.

Do you have a favorite WordPress podcast?  What kind of things do you look for in a podcast?

Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “WordPress Podcast Roundup features coffee, nightmare clients, value pricing and heroes!”

  1. Thanks for mentioning our episode Todd. We really enjoyed the episode with Jonathan Stark.

    The other episodes mentioned in this round up for all top-notch is well. Topher is doing a great job at HeroPress, and Erin’s episode was exceptional.

    Thanks again and I hope you’ll check out some of our upcoming episodes.


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