WordPress Roundup: Gutenberg gets closer and Ai is on deck

In this month’s WordPress Roundup, we visit 10 steps to get started with a news magazine site, hear first impressions from Gutenberg by WP Tavern, learn about 14 WordPress plugins that use Artificial Intelligence, and have a little fun with some memes.

How to Start a News Magazine Site with WordPress in 10 Easy Steps

News sites will always have a soft spot for me because I basically got my start in WordPress with news websites. My side gig is a local news site. I think we need more local news sites. WordPress is the best platform to get started.

In fact, the Institute for Nonprofit News recommends WordPress and built a theme framework to make it easier for local news sites to get started. I use a theme created by WordPress developer Scott Ellis for my local news site. There are a lot of good news themes from which to choose.

Katherine Crayon writes a post on ten steps to get started at WPExplorer and she highlights ten beautiful news themes.

WordCamp Grand Rapids Attendees Share First Impressions of Gutenberg

In case you’ve been stuck in the backwoods of a remote country for the past couple of years, you are aware of the Gutenberg Project in the WordPress kingdom. We are all waiting for it, some in anticipation, some in dread.

Nevertheless, it is coming and in the meantime, people are getting the opportunity to try it out. I haven’t yet, myself, but I figure I need to do that soon.

When you are Sarah Gooding, the editorial maven of WP Tavern, you ask people what they think about Gutenberg when you to a WordCamp. That is just what she did when she attended WordCamp Grand Rapids last month.

She even created a video with interviews with various WordPress business owners.

What are your thoughts on Gutenberg?


14 Wordpress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence (Ai) And Machine Learning

If you are really geeky and love to read about very technical stuff (don’t we all?) and are interested in Artificial Intelligence, you may be interested in this article from Torque Magazine.

Nick Schäferhoff writes about 14 WordPress plugins that are using AI. Who knew?

Today, what we are mostly dealing with on the web is a subset of artificial intelligence called machine learning. It means that software can learn from experience and base future decision on the knowledge it has acquired. Torque Mag 

The plugins range from learning more about website visitors, structured taxonomies, spell check, to customer interaction. The future of AI in WordPress is something that will want to watch over the next few years.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will continue to creep into our lives. It’s a rapidly advancing area of technology that, as we have seen above, has already found its way into the WordPress sphere. Torque Mag

A little fun for WordPress Professionals


Did you know there are WordPress meme generator plugins? Apparen, ly there is.

Check out this article to learn more.

Wrapping it up

That’s all for this month’s WordPress Roundup.

What are your impressions of the Gutenberg project? Are you ready for it to be rolled out or are you a little nervous at all the implications.? Are you ready to see more AI in the WordPress ecosystem? So many questions coming in the future of WordPress.

Finally, have you seen any funny memes that are WordPress or website designer related recently? Let us know!

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