How to Get an Easy Overview of Your WordPress Site Database Usage

How to Easily Check Your WordPress Site's Database Usage

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Keeping an eye on your WordPress site’s database usage helps you optimize it when needed.

The latest plugin developed by 99w allows users to obtain a thorough overview of their database usage and the option to view the size of individual database tables within their WordPress site’s database.

Database Table Overview and Logs

The plugin is called Database Table Overview and Logs and when installed and activated, it will add a new menu in wp-admin, “Database Table Overview & Logs.”

Database Table Overview and Logs - Overview

The free version of the plugin includes several useful features, such as;

  • List of all database tables, including name, size, and rows
  • Preview a record from a specific table
  • Search and sort the data
  • Shows the database name, total size, and rows
  • Clear logs greater than 1, 3, 6, 12 months or all
  • Manual logging of tables each time the dashboard is accessed

To view the contents of the database tables or search for option values, it is recommended to use hosts provided application such as phpMyAdmin or a plugin such as SQL Buddy.

Checking and reviewing your WordPress site’s database usage is important for many reasons:

Performance: A bloated database can slow down your website’s performance. By regularly reviewing and optimizing your database, you can improve your site’s speed and overall performance.

Security: A database that contains outdated or unnecessary information can pose a security risk. Hackers can use this information to access your site or steal sensitive information. By regularly reviewing and cleaning up your database, you can reduce the risk of security breaches.

Storage space: As your site grows, your database can become quite large. By reviewing your database and removing unnecessary data, you can free up valuable storage space on your server.

Backup and restoration: Regularly reviewing your database ensures that you have a clean backup that can be restored quickly in case of data loss or corruption.

Compliance: Depending on your site type, you may need to comply with data protection laws and regulations. Regularly reviewing and managing your database helps you stay compliant with these regulations.

Reviewing your WordPress site’s database usage is essential to ensure optimal performance, security, storage space, backup and restoration, and compliance. This plugin makes it easy to get a good database usage overview from your WordPress dashboard.

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