Web Care Consultants: You probably should be charging more.

You probably should be charging more

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We Care Consultants should be charging more. Today we take a look at three reasons why you are selling yourself short.

Did you know that 45% of businesses in the United States fail in the first five years?

Crazy huh?

65% of businesses fail within ten years. Are you curious about your state in the US?

What about other countries?

Half of startups survive the first three years in the UK. In Australia, that number is 60% failure within three years. And what about Canada? 15% of businesses fail in the first three years. Maybe Canada helps their private businesses more, I don’t know.

Often, family businesses don’t make it to a second generation. Worldwide, about 20% of businesses make it one year.

One of the top reasons for failure is cash flow problems.

“When it comes to statistics regarding the small business failure rate in 2021, insufficient capital is another commonly cited reason for failure. Lack of funding and low cash flow can quickly ruin a small business.” source

There are companies and people who are great at helping companies know how to balance the cash flow, how to determine based on formulas, what a company needs to make, and what a company needs to charge.

In fact, I sat in on a webinar this past week where the presenter had fancy formulas and such to help agencies know what they need to survive.

Those are much needed tools.

However, a big part of the problem, especially for solo businesses, is mindset.

I mean, if you realize you need to charge more for your service, but you are worried, unsure, or stressed your customers won’t pay. That has absolutely nothing to do with numbers.

Your Strategy is more valuable than you think.

A well-meaning friend told me one time that people won’t pay for strategy.


They will too. But I know, many do not want to.

The ones who will not pay for strategy are not your customers. Good companies are looking for people will help them make sense of all the noise.

Every week it seems there is some new trend, some new social media platform, and some new growth hack people are trying. They become “all the rage.”

But you help your customers see through all that and focus on and double down on the techniques that work for them.

You work with tried-and-true principles, not “fly by night” tactics.

Customers need solutions. You have been there before, and you have experience.

Customers need clarity. Remember, there are lots of noise and lots of people out there telling your client to do this and that.

Someone, undoubtedly, told them that they should “make the logo bigger.”

Big Facepalm.

YouTube video

Good business owners don’t take business advice from friends and family who are not business owners.

When it comes to all things digital marketing, you are their expert.

You have value in your thoughts.

This is something I have been working on myself for the past few years.

We are not just in the execution business; we are in the strategy and planning business.

Your strategy is way more valuable than you think. Always quote your projects to include value for your planning and strategy.

Keep bringing value to your clients.

Your experience can save clients money.

We have been doing this digital marketing thing for a while now, right? We know a thing or two.

For example, we know if you don’t keep your website, it’s plugins, and server up to date, you run the risk of a big problem.

How many times have you cleaned up a website where the owners didn’t update the plugins or even the themes?

What happened?

There are a number of things that can happen, but being vulnerable to attack might be the biggest.

You aren’t just taking a payment from your customers; you are ensuring less downtime, security for their website, and you can usually fix something quickly.

Many owners need their websites online to make money. If the website goes down, they lose money.

Your ability to get it up and running in a matter of minutes can save them lots of money and headache.

You know just what to do in many situations, whereas your customer would need to research and spend hours trying to figure it out.

Don’t discount that! You save them lots of money and headaches.

So, the next time you ponder raising your rates for your WordPress Site Care plan, go ahead.

Your solutions help clients make money, revenue.

Chances are, you do far more for your client than the Website Care plan.

You have skills beyond updating websites, and it is you that your client turns to when they need more digital marketing work.

Email automations? Check. Building funnels? Check.

Privacy policies? You got it with a tool like Termageddon.

There is nothing like the feeling as a business owner of money coming in for someone buying a product on your website.

You possess the skills and experience to put digital marketing to use and help your clients make money.

Wrapping it up

You are a critical part of your client’s team. They need your thoughts, your planning, and ultimately, your strategy.

Your clients look to you to solve problems. Your clients need you to help save them money and, in the end, make them money!

You are worthy of good rates because you are more than someone who fills requests.

You probably should be charging more money, and in this economic environment, don’t let that keep you from keeping your business viable.

Do you need to raise your rates? Let us know in the MainWP Users Facebook Group.

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