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2nd Annual WordPress Web Care Consultant Survey coming soon

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The second annual WordPress Web Care Consultant Survey will launch soon.

The year was 2021, and I felt the need to do something a bit different.

But what should I do?

Then I got this idea. Or, let me say, an idea I had before returned to me.

I had always wanted to do a Web Care Consultant Survey.

I was curious about what consultants charged for web care, what types of other services they offered, tech stacks, and much more.

I had looked before and, to my knowledge, no one else had done this.

After all, at MainWP, we are the premium tool for web care consultants.

This should be our thing, our survey to run.

And heck, I love being first at something. 🙂

How it works…

Last year, I used the good ole Google Forms to run my survey. I looked at other options, but I thought if I can do it using Google Forms, I might as well.

It worked well. I was able to ask what I wanted and 131 respondents turned in the survey.

We want more respondents this year!

I have no plans of using anything different this year as well. Google Forms even gives me these nice bar and pie charts.

You only give your information if you want to. You can give your name, email and business name if you like.

I don’t even send you emails. It is always interesting to see who submits, but it is absolutely not required.

What will change?

I anticipate little changing, but expect I will consider some of the feedback we received last year. Well, the feedback was to me, but you get the idea.

One weakness was that we had no way to account for the multiple tiers consultants offer.

I asked, “How much do you charge for web care?” giving you about 4 options, but there was no way for you to indicate which of the ones you offer.

Web Care form screenshot
Web Care form screenshot

I will look for a way to do that this year.

The one piece of feedback that I love but the one feedback I am not sure I can implement was, “Give Todd a raise.”

Some things I might be more interested in this year is how you take your payments, do you use WooCommerce or something else, and what you use for support.

I probably should make options for the currency as we have wonderful consultants across the world.

If you have something you would like to see, let me know. I can’t guarantee I will use it in the survey, but if I haven’t thought about it, and I like the idea, I will implement the idea.

How will you distribute the survey?

How will I distribute the survey? I’m thinking about buying a small plane and flying a banner behind it over major cities.

Do you think that will work?

Perhaps I could take out an ad in the NY Times.

Last year I did a lot of posting in communities. Some nice community leaders let me post it in their Facebook and Slack Groups. That helped quite a bit.

This year, I feel we have better traction. MainWP recently has partnered with Atarim, which has a large community and I know the person leading the community.

Atarim- Collaboration Tool for Digital Agencies

I think I can get her to agree, don’t you think?

We will write an article (hey, here we are!) and Mustaasam said he will include it in the MainWP email.

Of course, I will use social media as well, including LinkedIn and Twitter. I know the managers of a large LinkedIn WordPress group who I think may let me post the survey.

I will also seek opportunities with other groups I’ve become a part of since last year.

The idea is to have the survey out in late September, run it throughout October, go through the results and publish them by the first of December. Publishing in early December will give you some time if you choose to make adjustments to your business based on what we learned.

Sound good?

How can I help?

The best way to help is, one, take the survey, and two, share with your web care consultant friends. Each one sharing one is the best way to get the word out!

Outside of these two things, if you have an idea for the survey while I am putting it together, feel free to reach out (you can find me in the MainWP Users Facebook Group). Give me your idea and I’ll consider it.

You never know, your idea might be one I hadn’t thought about and decide to implement.

Mostly, just thank you for participating. I feel like this survey is kind of a State of the WordPress Web Care Consultant Industry.

I expect the survey being ready to go by the end of September or early October. Once we have it ready, we will make an announcement.

Let’s do this!

Let's do this!

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