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5 Ways to use holiday content for your WordPress business

Holiday Content

We are in the third week of November and that means that we begin to think about the end of the year holidays. In the United States, the fourth Thursday of November is when we celebrate Thanksgiving. From there, we are on the fast lane headed to the end of the year and holiday row.

Retailers make the greatest part of their revenue in the final quarter of the year largely because of the holidays. They have learned to leverage the time when people are buying to create momentum and generate income.

I can remember quite well that some of the hardest working days I have ever had have been in retail during the holidays. Some of those days were just miserable, but some were much more fun.

I remember the last Christmas Eve I worked for Borders Books in Fort Worth, TX. As I was driving to work for my 11 a.m. shift and it started spitting snow. By the time I clocked in and made my way to my workstation, those snowflakes were huge. And, it snowed all day. The mood was much more festive that day than other Christmas Eves.

The holidays in retail is hard work. We are fortunate that we can slow down a tad in our line of work.

As WordPress professionals, we can take advantage of the end of the year and ride the momentum into some solid end of the year revenue. We can do this by planning our content for the holidays.

Today we are going to discuss 5 ways you can take advantage of holiday content.


Advantages of a Holiday Content Campaign

There are a couple of big advantages for Holiday Content Campaign. First, as I mentioned before, it is a chance to take advantage of the momentum that has been started in the existing holiday ecosystem. People are already looking for deals and they are, often, in more of a buying mood.

The second advantage is that with a good campaign, you can fill your pipeline for the new year. Imagine starting 2018 with a list full of people interested in your services. Not only that but in doing so, you will get interested which you can use to follow up on in the new year.

If you are able to create some kind of unique lead magnet, you can get a list of potential customers you can begin nurturing in the new year.

5 Ways to Use Holiday Content


One of the easiest ways to get started is creating content for your email list. You have potentials customers and customers alike on your list, so start in by giving them some extra content.

Before you do this, if you don’t email daily or weekly, you might want to give your list a heads up. Tell them you are going to email a little more during the holidays.

In those emails, you can take advantage of affiliate links. Create content that you can connect to your favorite tools affiliate links. This does two things, first, it allows you to write about your favorite tools and introduce them to your audience. Second, it gives people a chance to purchase something using your affiliate link. This way, you make a little money.

That’s not the only thing. Do you have a favorite training program for freelancers or entrepreneurs? Maybe you can pitch that to your audience and use an affiliate link.

Finally, in your emails, pitch your own products and services. You might choose to offer a special package to your audience including a discount. Get them on board for the first of the year.

One thing I do with my email list is giving away gifts. These aren’t high-end types of gifts, but they are a gift nonetheless. The purpose is to show my gratitude for those who are on my email list. Last year, I gave away a three-month subscription to a coffee service as well as a few books.

Holiday Landing page

Creating a go-to landing page for all of your holiday packages is a great idea. Then, your emails, your social media posts and blog posts can all send people to that page. You can easily disable the page when the period is over.

Are you going to do some paid online ads? Great, send them to your landing page. Make it look festive and offer holiday packages.

Another you think you can do with your landing page is offer content and marketing ideas for your clients. Hubspot did this with their #HolidayHub.  Hubspot offers downloadable content (for an email address), a call to action in the middle of the page, and they offer some featured holiday blog posts.

You can offer some resources to help your customers and target audience takes advantage of the holidays just as you are doing.

End of the Year Recaps

End of Year Recaps
End of Year Recaps

A part of the holiday season is the end of the year. As in, the end of the current year and the start of the new year. Why not take advantage of these reflective moments by providing a look back on the past year. As Caitlin Burgess says,

Highlighting your most popular blog posts of the year is a great way to give your audience a nice recap of the great content you’ve created, as well as send a little extra readership to those posts.

Burgess offers eight ideas in her post including recapping industry news, thanking customers, sneak peek at what is being planned, and a look at your company’s holiday spirit. Those are some excellent ideas for producing content.

Host a Giveaway or a Contest

As I said earlier, I give away gifts to my list.  The end of the year is a great time to give away gifts or host a contest.

As Lena Prickett says at the SnappApp blog,

Holidays are a great opportunity to host a photo, video or other contest or to conduct a sweepstakes. With a seasonal theme, you can use your own content (employee photos or stories) or encourage your audience to upload entries.

Contests and galleries are a great way to get your audience to interact on mobile devices or to generate buzz around an event.

You may need to use an app like UpViral or a plugin like one of the four mentioned in this WP Engine post.

JibJab Ecards
JibJab Ecards – Screenshot,

Have Some Fun

The holidays are a festive time of the year. So, have some fun. There are a variety of ways you can have fun while creating holiday content.

JibJab – One of my favorite things to do this time of year is make some JibJab videos. It is super easy to do. You simply add some pics to the video and Jib Jab turns them into a belly-laughter affair.

Facebook Live – Why not go live on Facebook? Put on some fun hats or ugly sweaters and get on Facebook for a few minutes telling your followers how great they are and wishing them the best for the holidays. Facebook Live is interactive and a fun, creative way to create some on-demand content that can be watched later.

Short Video – Create a short video. You can get a little creative and incorporate themes of the holidays. If you have a team, bring them all together to create the video. The video can be stored on Youtube or Vimeo and cross-posted on social media.

Over to You

Do you have plans to create holiday content this year? What kinds of content have you used in the past?

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to use holiday content for your WordPress business”

  1. Great post Todd!

    I do an ‘end of year’ recap every year, you reminded me I should probably start working on that (and do some live streaming around it as well!).

    I spent many holidays in retail (and in bookstores too! haha), I know that feeling!

    • Kim, I look forward to your holiday streams! I can’t catch them all, but looking forward to seeing a holiday Live because I know you will probably have a Santa hat on. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, retail almost ruined me. I was exhausted so it made it hard to enjoy.

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